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About Me

Please do allow me to make a short and simple introduction of myself.
Since i was born, i was given the name Darren. I was raised up in the Pearl of the Orient, commonly known as Penang island, an island which you could encounter with delicious local hawker foods anytime, anywhere.

I got addicted to Internet life since i was young and that resulted in me becoming a mouse potato.
Of course, i am also a food lover
After my first exposure to food reviewing during a contest, i have found myself very keen on seeking fine eateries around this small, pretty island, or maybe even beyond the island.
Therefore, i have combined my habit together with my big appetite.
And, here born the Eaterland.
Oh ya, before i forgot, i am operating another blog which i wrote about every single little thing happened between my other half and i. Please feel free to pay it a visit, click here!

If you have any feedback for this site or you would like to recommend some fine dining spots to me, i will be very happy and eager to get in touch with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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