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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue Reef @ Straits Quay, Penang.

Blue Reef first made its name at Casa Permai 2, Tanjung Bungah before sealing a move to the latest seaside complex mall, Straits Quay.
My ears have been receiving words regarding the awesomeness of the restaurant which has the slogan, "The Best Fish & Chips In Town".
Two days ago, i have finally stepped into this restaurant along with my other half.
Initially, there was only a couple of customers but then the place was stormed by clans of white-collar workers.
The ambiance was okay during my visit.
According to my other half who has been there for a couple of times, the place is always crowded and noisy when it comes to weekends especially dinner time.
It also appears that they don't take any reservation during weekends.
Tables are distributed on a first come, first serve basis on Sats and Suns.

We both were greeted and treated so nicely by the crew there.
The black hardcover menu which has its logo and address engraved on it is simple, and the simple is definitely nice too.
Meanwhile, they are launching a weekday lunch promotion which you are entitled to enjoy the soup of the day with garlic bread plus a refreshing glass of iced lemon tea with just an additional RM1 with an order of any main course.
Of course, we took the offer.

Our iced lemon tea, nothing worth to be mentioned except the bloody low price.
Do take note that free flow of sky juice is available upon request.

The soup of the day was the Pumpkin Soup, i guess.
We were very much surprised as the soup was served in a big portion which can easily feed two.
The soup warmed our hearts as smileys were manually drawn on them by an unknown liquid.
It was a wonderfully comforting soup to enjoy as a result of the pumpkin's sweetness, tastiness.
The great thing was that there was no lump at all, the soup was extremely smooth.
Furthermore, the actual price is around RM8, what a steal we have got ourselves here!

One of our main courses was the Fish & Chips Mahi-Mahi.
Under the category of Fish & Chips, you are to choose a species of fish.
Besides, it is your decision whether you want your fish coated in bread crumbs or traditionally beer battered.
I went for the cheapest one, Mahi-Mahi (RM16) which is a common surface fish that is found in off shore environments of tropical and subtropical areas of the world and i have chosen bread crumbs.
The rough-textured fish was dry and crispy on the outside.
However, the flesh was fresh, firm and succulent, in other words, magnificent.
French Fries lied beneath the flat and curvy fish which has a sliced lemon sitting on it.
A mountain of salad with a unique dressing was served along.
Other than those basic condiments, a generous amount of mouth-watering Tartar sauce and malt vinegar were provided.
For your information, vinegar is widely used as a major condiment for Fish & Chips across the globe but it is kind of rare here.
I personally found that the malt vinegar aided me in not getting bored with big sized fish and the combination of fish, vinegar and Tartar sauce was a pretty good call.

Next, it was the Smoked Salmon Linguini (RM22).
Liguini, or more accurately known as liguine can be defined as pasta in a long slender flat strips.
The linguine was cooked to al dente, literally to stick to teeth.
Of course, it was spectacular as well as the pasta sauce.
The pale-looking sauce was creamy and cheesy.
In order to create contrast, the white, sticky sauce was purposely made to taste plain.
This certainly perfect matched the super appetizing smoked salmon by setting off its intense smokey taste.
Just stuff some linguine along with the salmon into your mouth and let the good time begin.
No doubt, you will be impressed like i was.

At last, this was my first visit here but i guarantee that it won't be the last.
I see it as a quality dining spot which offers reasonably priced food and that is the reason i will visit it again and again.
Two thumbs up, from me!

Address :
3A-G-20 Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
10470 Penang.

Operation Hours :
11am - 10pm

Contact no. :
016 - 4059182

Email :

[click here]


seems like nothing special nia wor.....

the taste was quite special lo, especially fish & chips + vinegar.
must give it a try, price was quite good too!

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