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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Xuan Xin Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Greeting and felicitations, for your information, Squarelet in association with Xuan Xin Restaurant has now launched a deal in which you will only have to pay a bargain of RM7.80 instead of RM16 for any rice or noodle, click here to check it out.
Apparently, Ezivoucher is also having the same deal, click here for more details.
Like what i have mentioned in my previous Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen review, the Ramen Kitchen does have two sister outlets.
One of them is only situated at a few stories above it, just beside Sakae Sushi and is given the name, Xuan Xin Restaurant.
The place is normally crowded during weekends as it serves as a perfect spot for a harmony family dining.
Unlike the Ramen Kitchen, the square foot of the restaurant is believed to be 10 times larger than that of the exclusive Ramen shop.
In this case, picture will be a more brilliant presenter than i am.

Besides the simply elegant restaurant design, the experience was made even more pleasant with the feature of wireless service bell button at each table.
There are three buttons: Call, Bill and Water in which i believe that all of them produce a different tone.
I did not try that out as the service there was fantastic.

My other half and i were seated near window and G hotel is only next to us.
There are four distinct types of condiments and they are vinegar, sambal, soy sauce and pepper.
Beyond that, you could demand for green chili which is considered as a perfection for all sorts of Chinese noodles.

We saw stars while going through their menus.
They offer a plethora of food choices which consist of Chinese noodles, fried rice, porridge, seafood, homely dishes, set meals and Dim Sum.
It took us some time to finalize our selections.

Cold Soya Bean (RM2.50) with no ice cube in it.

Unexpectedly, we waited some while for our food, 'good things come to those who wait'?
The Egg White Fried Rice with Crab Meat & Scallop (RM12.80) was the first one served.
It certainly did not have a tempting look.
But, the aroma filled my nostrils and was sucked into my lungs deeply while i was capturing the rice.
Crab meat was spotted inside and outside the mountain of albino rice.
Scallops were harder to be identified as they were in tiny bits state.
The fried rice was more to insipid style and the seafood which was stir-fried along with it generated a unique taste.
Its exquisite flavour succeed in tingling my taste buds.
The spotlight was on the super fresh seafood especially the scallops.

The next to reach our table was the Stir Fried Radish Cake (RM8.00).
Yes, the number of turnip cakes were countable, but their surface area and volume were really large.
Dried shelled shrimps were mixed with the egg and bean sprouts before sending into the frying pan.
The radish cakes were not crispy enough but the content was soft, firm and juicy.
Besides, the bean sprouts and egg added a right amount of saltiness to the cakes while themselves were scrumptious.

Last but not least, it was the Sauteed Hong Kong Crispy Noodle with Seafood (RM13.80).
What sauteed exactly means? Well, sauteed simply can be defined as fried quickly in only a little amount of oil.
Everything single thing on this dish truly deserved some attention.
The starchy dark brown coloured gravy tasted sweet in its very own distinct way.
Speaking of the crispy noodle, part of it was really crispy while some parts were soft due to the wet surrounding.
I would really like to emphasize on the awesomeness of the noodle.
Let's talk about the shrimps and scallops.
They were excellent in term of freshness, again, especially the scallops.
The texture of the scallops was a sear on the outside, a thick gelatin on the inside.
Overall, it tasted like squid or shrimp, subtracting the crunch.
I highly recommend this noodle!

Once you have been seated, you will be provided wet tissue and steamed peanuts.
You can either take them or not, do take note that they cost extra.
In my case, i did not take any of them.
The total bill was RM37.10, but with vouchers from Ezivoucher, i saved up RM10.
It was a splendid meal, some more in such a lovely environment.
As the place is always crowded during holidays or weekends, you would find my statement false.
In conclusion, to me, the price tags on the food are pretty reasonable as the food offered is such genuine one.
It is definitely worth a revisit!


food serving here always big portion...1st time visit here, i cant finish the fried rice, miracle for me cant finish the food....

Yaya. The food there was so genuine and awesome! =]

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