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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joez Coconut Jelly @ Penang.

Well, this may be considered as the most famous coconut jelly in Penang.
In fact, it is now expanding to KL in which they are opening a kiosk there.
Joez Coconut Jelly is located along Dato Keramat Road, before the turning to Patani Road.
It was a hot day, my bro have bought me a coconut jelly to cool myself down.
Thanks, bro!

Let's see what i have got there.
The smaller-sized and younger coconut was wrapped with preservative film in order to maintain the freshness of the coconut.
There was a sticker which prove that the jelly is a production of Joez Coconut Jelly.
In fact, there are a lot of imitations outside.

Let's get the coconut undressed.
You will need a metal tablespoon to ease the peeling of flesh away from the coconut skin.
No more nonsensical words, the opaque jelly itself was sweet and wiggly.
The fruity sweetness was way different from sugar, as it was pure natural glucose.
I heard that they roasted the coconut in a oven and immediately stored it in a cold surrounding.
That made a big portion of the coconut water turning into jelly.
Besides its pureness, the best part is that the jelly was very refreshing!
Eating the jelly along with the flesh, it will be a perfect match.
It helped a lot in releasing my internal heat energy.
The only thing that have caused my dissatisfactory was the price.
Each coconut jelly was priced at 3.70 bucks.
I remember my mom once bought a taste-alike coconut jelly for only 3 bucks.
May be Joez Coconut Jelly is way better in term of pureness?

Address : 201 Jalan Dato Keramat, Georgetown, 10150 Pulau Pinang.
Tel. no. :
04-229 6063

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