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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homemade Goodies Episode 1 - Batik Cake.

In the afternoon, i saw my mom was cooking not-so-good looking stuff in the kitchen.
Curiosities suddenly flooded my mind and i took this opportunity to share this simple and yet fun recipe with my readers.
Let's see what she have successfully made.

As it was my mom's first attempt, the texture of the cake was bad but the taste was fine.
I was in love with the cake as i am a chocolate lover.
If you are a chocolate person and you would like to have some light snacks, the cake suits you best.
Besides, you may decide the chocolate thickness, sweetness or whatever.
Scroll down for the recipe and tutorial!

Apparatus :
A fridge
A cooking pot
A container
A cup which its size is similar to my cup
A spoon

Ingredients :
1 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of Milo powder (volume used is the same with that of condensed milk)
500 grams of Marie biscuits which are broken into 4 parts by hand
Half a pound of butter
A sprinkle of salt

Getting started!
1. Throw the half pound of butter into the cooking pot and cook over a slow fire.
2. Pour the condensed milk into the pot and stir it. When the milk blended well with the butter, it is time to add the Milo powder.
3. Keep on stirring the mixture and add a sprinkle of salt.

4. Turn off the fire and throw the broken Marie biscuits into the mixture. Stir until the biscuits are totally covered with the mixture.

5. After the biscuits mix well with the mixture, pour the whole thing into a container.

6. Making the surface even and keep the container inside a fridge (not the freezing compartment) for at least 4 hours. Leaving it there overnight is recommended.

7. The Batik Cake is ready to be served now.


one of my aunt always made this batik cake.

now i only knew it name such a good words.

my aunt usually called it chocolate cake.

even though it dont look good , but just YUMMM !!

thanks for sharing this ^^

I'm glad that you enjoy it, leann. =D

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