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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Sushi @ Straits Quay, Penang.

The rise in Penangites' standard of living could be seen if you take a walk at Straits Quay on a Saturday or Sunday night.
I did that before on a calm Saturday night and what i have observed was that most of the high-end restaurants were crowded with customers.
They were Delicious Cafe, Blue Reef as well as Oh Sushi.
On the same night, i intended to try out the newly opened Oh Sushi but was told that i would have to wait approximately 20 minutes for a table.
It was a positive sign as that clearly proved that the food there is worth a try, "good things come to those who wait".
However, i postponed the visit until i came back from Kuala Lumpur which was exactly two days ago.

I found the restaurant exterior design less attractive because the side facing the car park has nothing but a white wall and a main door which is made of glass and wood planks.
The restaurant interior was artsy with a series of Small Seal Script characters and colourful Sushi plates beautifying the plain white wall, not to forget the Japanese bowls, teapots and wine bottles which are being displayed there.

You see, a vast array of food offered ranging from Sushi, Don, Bento, Set and Dessert got me seeing stars.
Do take note that both plain water and wet towel are free of charge while green tea is charged at RM1 each, i am not sure whether it is bottomless or not.
There is a number 5 printed on the wet towel plastic package and with the statement from the staff, i am now more confident to tell you that the 5 simply means the 5th outlet.

Every Set comes with a salad, Chawanmushi and Miso soup, so did my selection - Beef Ganghas Khan Set (RM23).
I have to say that the main course was very special as i was the chef, i was given a mini gas stove with a shallow pot of green vegetables, been sprouts, sliced garlic, beef slices and a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin on top of it.
It looked and tasted exactly like the Sukiyaki i had at Jogoya, Kuala Lumpur except the eating method.
At Jogoya, i dipped the cooked beef slices in a small bowl of raw, beaten eggs before shoveling them into my mouth.
You know what? This set was overpriced as there was only a total of 6 fine beef slices.
Anyhow, i got to admit that the soft tender beef slices were so aromatic after being fully cooked.
The gravy which was fairly sweet with a mild simultaneous hint of saltiness from soy sauce coped perfectly well with the everything especially the beef.

My other half's chosen one was the Salmon Teriyaki Bento (RM19.80) which consisted of a piece of Salmon, a few deep fried chicken cubes and a bowl of garlic fried rice.
With extra RM3, you will get a Chawanmushi and a Miso soup.
According to the service crew, this bento is one of the restaurant's top sellers along with two other bento which share the same price tag.
The garlic fried rice had a savory aroma and was flawless no matter from the aspect of texture or flavour.
After all, the quantity of fried rice looked huge but it wasn't so, the rice bowl was shallow.
The Salmon which was well done with a tender, moist inside formed an awesome combination with the sweet-salty Teriyaki sauce.
Last but not least, the chicken cubes did not have any crispy texture as a result of being soaked in an unknown sauce.
Japanese mayonnaise together with the sauce enriched the flavour which had sweet, salty and sour elements.

The prices stated above are subject to 6% government tax and 10% service tax.
If i am to choose between Oh Sushi and Sakae Sushi, my vote will go to Sakae.
Why? Both the food qualities are more and less the same but Sakae is cheaper for certain dishes.
In the end of the day, my other half and i ended up at Tan Jetty fulfilling our stomachs with Thai Laksa and prawn fritters.

3E-G-5, Block E, Ground Floor, Straits Quay,
10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Operation hours:
11.30am onward

Contact no.:
04 - 8990109

Fax no.:
04 - 8990109


bloody expensive..we had paid extra for their rental @.@

expected lo. luckily, the food was not bad.

you can try their Shabu Shabu Eat all you can for 2 person. its RM88++, its kinda worth, coz they keep on refill the good raw beef slices for you...

Oh, i see. For the Shabu Shabu, we only can select a particular refillable dish all the way?

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