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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Five-star Tasty Curry Mee @ Sungai Pinang, Penang.

Penang is reputed for its very delicious and cheap hawker food.
For example, Hokkien Mee, Char Koay Teow, Curry Mee etc.
Some tourists would go to those food courts which always appear on newspaper and magazines.
Unfortunately, i would really like to make some clarifications.
Some of the hot spots are just like apple of Sodom.
Yes, they may be very famous, but the food may be just normal.
Today, i am going to introduce you a not well-known cafe which sells super duper yummy Curry Mee.
Yit Hooi cafe does produce its very own coffee beans which has been passed from generations.
It is just located at just opposite of Chevrolet centre, at the intersection of Jalan Sungai Pinang and Jalan Jelutong.
There is a free-of-charge parking space in front or beside the cafe.
For me, the Curry Mee is the best in Penang island.
I would have the Curry Mee twice a week for my breakfast as it is so appetizing.

The Curry Mee has at least a history of 10 years.
I just had the mee again and no doubt, it is always the best you can find in Penang.
It tasted different from the others.
You would find the other Curry Mees fulled of thick sambal aroma which will be disgusting to someone like me.
But that won't happen here.
The taste was just totally perfect, and yet you won't feel thirsty after having it.
The price is 2.70 bucks per bowl.
Folks, try it out and i bet that you will be addicted.
For the first time, i am giving away 5 stars rating!!

Before stirring the sambal. It certainly looks good, isn't it?

After stirring, of course, it tasted 10 times better.

Caution : During weekdays, the Curry Mee will be sold out at around 11am. For weekends, it will be sold out at around 10am.

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Hi, u may try the one at lebuh cecil market.. very nice too!

Five stars? Never tried that before. That is the case I want to go test out then.

Yup, definitely five stars for me, Steven.
The Curry Mee is only well-known in my area. =]
You must try it!

can provide GPS Co-ordinates please?

there you go! =)
5.402067, 100.323819

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