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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roti Bakar Kopitiam @ Ivory Plaza, Penang.

4 days before the romantic Valentine's day, my second blog is finally officially established.
I am an all-time mouse potato and one of my hobbies is to seek for the finest eateries around the island, or even beyond the island.
Therefore, that is why i am creating this blog, that is why i am writing this blog post.
Hope all my reviews might be useful to all of you, thanks!

Since my college is just in vicinity with the Ivory Plaza, i would always travel there along with my other half, for lunch.
One of our favourite spot is the Roti Bakar Kopitiam.
Kopitiam, in other words, can be defined as cafe.
The cafe does have a 2 other branches around Penang island, excluding this particular one.

The cafe does offer set lunch and eggs & bread set, which prices are extremely affordable and reasonable.
We have ordered a plate of six deep fried crab meat rolls, which are served along with some tartar sauce and chili sauce.
The golden brown cylindrical rolls which were stuffed with some lettuce, onions and crab meats were very crispy and the content inside were juicy.
A dip in the tartar sauce, then another dip in the chili sauce, the combination was worth a try.
And again, the price was very acceptable, it cost only 4.20 bucks.

Here came our main courses, we have ordered the same thing.
The only difference is that mine came with a bowl of rice, which hers wasn't.
After several visits to this cafe, i would like to rate this dish as the best among all the others.
So far, i have not encounter with similar type of food like this.
It's time to reveal these dishes and they were rice with seafood ginger milk and seafood ginger milk bee hoon.
The seafood ginger milk was simply spectacular, the small prawns and fish meats coped with the soup very well.
The soup itself was super sweet and the best is, you will never feel thirsty after consuming the soup.
The seafood ginger milk bee hoon tasted a bit plain as compared to mine as the bee hoon might be the cause of this.
The prices for bee hoon and rice are not much different, priced at around 6.50 bucks, can't really remember that.

This mouthwatering meal only cost us 19 bucks, which was quite fair.
The prices i stated above are subjected to government tax and service tax!


That day i receive a bad service there....really tu bakar!!
anyway, the food still acceptable...
i share ur blog at my blog d...

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