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Sunday, February 27, 2011

600cc Taiwanese Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

I was supposed to accompany my other half to have dinner as i have already eaten my dinner.
We have chosen this Taiwanese restaurant which is situated at the lower ground floor.
In the beginning, i did not order anything and not intending to order a single thing.
I kept watching my other half enjoying her Taiwanese Original Beef Noodle Soup which is the signature dish of the restaurant.
Having tried the noodle for a few times, and the noodle turn out to be alright every try.
The soup was a little bit spicy and there was a Chinese herbal aroma.
The noodles was way different from the hawker stalls' ones of course.
It was chewy and springy, it went so well with the very best soup.
What my other half ordered was actually a set meal which is priced at around 14 bucks.
A glass of milk tea or coffee is included in every set meal.
I highly recommend this famous Beef Soup Noodle!

Finally, i can't resist the temptation and ordered a Taiwanese Steak Rice, which cost me 14 bucks.
A bowl of clear soup was served.
The steak was special as it was topped with a special Taiwanese sauce, which you can't taste it in Penang.
My fully-cooked beef combined very well with the sauce, thumbs up!
The sauce tasted a bit salty, but it was very unique, i couldn't explain with words.
I just knew a thing, yum yum!


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