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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunshine Square Food Court @ Bayan Baru, Penang.

There may be only a few cheap dining places at Bayan Baru area, and Sunshine Square Food Court is one of them and there are at least 30 hawker stalls there.
What a variety of choices of food to choose from.
The food court is one of my daily lunch hot spots.

Today, i went there and had the famous CK Claypot Chicken Rice.
When it was served, i was pretty astonished as the portion was so small.
But actually, it was the big-sized claypot which makes the portion looked little.
5 bucks for this peculiar thing which is sold by the hawker stall located just beside the only Western Food stall.
The gravy was in the very balance, not too salty and yet not-so-plain.
Besides, the rice was cooked in the brown claypot along with egg, chicken and gravy inside.
That particularly heated up everything and hot foods always taste better.
Just stir everything, and then taste it.
It will be a hit!

The next thing to be served was the Fried Fish Bee Hoon which was priced at 5 bucks.
The stall is situated just next to the Yuvanari Indian Food Stall.
I was satisfied and i adored the weak scorching smell which makes the Bee Hoon special.
Regarding the deepfried fish fillets, they were fine.
Overall, it tasted so-so.
By the way, there is another stall around my residential area selling the same particular thing which is more delicious and cheaper.
I will write a review about it soon.
Stay tune!

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hey... i tried this claypot rice but didn like it...
try the tomyam noodles... at a corner.... its nice =]

I see, not bad la the claypot rice but still not the best.
I prefer claypot rice at pulau tikus.
I have tried the tomyam noodles for a few times, but i can't enjoy it as i only have a short break for my lunch. =[

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