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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ceri F&B Outlet @ Dato' Keramat, Penang.

Today, i woke up in the early morning, and followed my family for for a dental check-up.
Before that, we had our breakfast at Ceri Kedai Makan, which is located just beside Dato' Keramat market and a mosque along the Jalan Ayer Itam.
The outlet does sell roti canai, nasi kandar and of course a huge variety of curries.
I am always a fan of its roti canai, a.k.a flying bread in English.
Well, quite a long queue there.

Teh tarik is a must, if you are having spicy curries or roti canai's.
You could fall for its superior aroma.

Breads on a hot plate. My roti's were on their way to be served.

After a few minutes and finally, my plain roti's were served.

Let's take a look at the curries.
The outlet's all-time top seller, mixed curry chicken, strongly recommended from me.
This reddish-orange curry may be a bit spicy and oily but it was very great to have your roti take a dip inside it before heading towards your mouth.
Unfortunately, for today, the curry was a little bit salty.
But that didn't affect the taste much.
I got nothing to comment of the chicken thighs.

Next, it was the curry mutton.
This curry just tasted like its appearance, pale and plain.
Well, the mutton needed some effort to tear it apart.
I am not a mutton lover and i got no idea on commenting the mutton.

We have total ordered 7 pieces of roti canai's, two plates of mixed curry chicken, a plate of curry mutton and potatoes, 3 fried eggs and 4 cups of teh tarik's.
The cashier did the maths and we paid 20 bucks for our meal and it was considered reasonable, not expensive and yet not cheap.


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