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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Western Food and Mee Sotong @ Esplanade, Penang.

Esplanade may be a tourist attraction and a very historical site.
But, do you know that there is a food court just right next to Fort Cornwallis?
I can't really remember my first visit to the food court.
Should be at least 10 years ago.

The Mee Sotong is super famous among Penangites, and the same for the western food there.
Let's take a look at what have i ordered.
Everybody did have Fish & Chips before, but how about Fish & Prawns?
Fish & Pranws is the signature dish of the western food stall.
By the way, the stall does sell Hainanese Fried Bee Hoon and fried rice which are both quite cheap and tasty.
Actually, i did ordered a Fish & Chips and Fish & Prawns, which were priced at 6.50 bucks and 7.50 bucks respectively.
But i wonder why, they looked the same in my photos.
Of course, Mee Sotong was ordered for sharing.

Western food was first to be served.
A generous amount of Tartar sauce was given and slices of lettuce, tomatoes, baked beans and fries were served along with all western food dishes.
The two deep fried fish fillets which were not covered with a thick layer of flour tasted fine.
A little bit crispy on the outside, and fresh juicy flesh in the inside.
Nothing special for the Fish & Chips though.
What i must emphasise is the French fries which are comparable to Nando's ones.

Finally, it was prawn time!
Fish & Prawns did consist of one piece of fish fillet and about 3-4 pieces of deep fried prawns, which you may see their tails.
The golden brown prawns were firm and the texture was way softer and different from fishes.
Besides, it gave out sweetness with a weak fresh fishy odor.
Dipping the prawns in the Tartar sauce totally enhances the taste.

Here came the Mee Sotong while our plates were on the verge of being empty.
Can you imagine its good business? Or its poor efficiency?
Be cautious as the mee was very spicy.
The mee was considered yummy but seriously, there was a strong food seasoning feel.
With a price tag of 4 bucks, i felt that it was slightly expensive, compared with the others.
But, there was quite a lot of squid.

Advice : Don't ever intend to have lunch at there unless you have a lot of time to spare. The food court's peak hour is around lunch time. Besides, the parking lots around Esplanade will be totally occupied during lunch hour.

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