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Thursday, March 17, 2011

James Foo Western Food Brand New Outlet @ Fettes Park, Penang.

James Foo & Family Western Food is quite famous in Penang, especially in Tanjung Tokong area.
The family made their name starting at Fatty Loh’s Chicken Rice shop and then shifting to their own shop two lots next to the Fatty Loh's.
Their success is seen and proven by the official opening of their brand new outlet yesterday.
The new outlet and the old one are neighbors.
My other half and i were looking for something to have as our supper and we accidentally spotted their new outlet.
Of course, we have decided to try it out.

It was very crowded and we were fortunate enough to get ourselves a table.
The place is equipped with air conditioning system and quite spacious but still hardly could accommodate the number of customers tonight.
Apparently, the service crew were lack of training.
In such congested condition, they should be seating the customers and not the other way around.
It is alright if the customers behave themselves, getting tables for themselves.
But, some of them switched the tables which are numbered and arranged numerically.
Such act would totally distort the table arrangement which will result in lower service efficiency.
This actually happened tonight.
It took us at least an hour for our food to come and yet still after several reminders.
My other half and i really got very tired of waiting as the surrounding was pretty noisy.
I have also requested the crew twice to check my order and both attempts had no reply at all.

Going through the piece of menu and we have made up our mind in no time.

A moment after placing our order, our fresh mushroom soup (RM3.00) was served.
The soup was thick, creamy and aromatic.
I found some big mushroom slices which is quite extraordinary.
Seriously, i felt that the soup tasted like the snack, Twisties Chicken Flavor.
My other half also agreed on my point.
It was a great appetizer and i got to warm my stomach, not for eating, but for waiting.

Our glass of blackcurrant juice which cost RM2.20.
I saw a lot of super big mugs of drinks there and they are the jumbo size ones which are priced at RM5.50.

I have chosen the Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce (RM8.00).
The only highlight of this dish was the thick dark peppery sauce.
The sauce was not watery at all and it did make the inferior chicken tastes better.
However, the portion was slightly small, except the green peas, carrots and corns.
The worst part is that they did not even bother to toast the white bread.
Overall, my chosen one was delish if and only if with the black pepper sauce.

My other half has selected the Fish & Chips which cost RM8.50.
The portion looked big but actually, the fish flesh was not thick.
For me, i would say that it only tasted so-so.
The Tartar sauce was completely tasteless although the texture was there.
It probably does not worth the price.

In conclusion, i am satisfied with the food but i am very fed up with the long waiting time.
Luckily, no service tax is imposed.
I will only consider a revisiting if it is not that crowded.

Address : 21-A, Jalan Fettes Park, 11200 Penang.
Operation hours : 4PM - 11.30PM

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Sorry to hear that you need to wait for more than an hour to get the food. I normally goes there and their service is quiet good, food is deliver fast even got lot of customer. Could this be cause by the table arrangement that you highlighted.


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