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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breakfast @ Sungai Pinang, Penang.

Before departing to my college for lectures, i have stopped by Yit Hooi Coffee Shop which i have once written a review regarding the Curry Mee there, click here.
I would have the same thing every time i go there, that is the bestest Curry Mee.
Today was no exception.

Like what i have mentioned, the coffee shop does produce its very own coffee beans.
I have ordered a cup of Kopi O and toast bread.
The set cost me 2.20 bucks but the guy just charged me 2.10 bucks as i had only a 10 cent coin in my pocket.
This is the way you do business!
The Kopi was quite aromatic but sadly, too much sugar was added.
For the bread, it just tasted so-so.

The Curry Mee seller is always succeed in achieving the consistent delicious taste of the Mee.
With a reasonable price of 2.70 bucks for the medium-sized one, the portion was just nice for breakfast.
The soup wasn't that oily.
I can hardly describe the soup with words, it was just simply, absolutely and amazingly mouthwatering.
No doubt, it tops my most wanted food list.

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wa. The corner one, so long didn't go already. D:

Ta Bao and poslaju to you ai bo?
Ho Chak nia! =]

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