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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant @ 1st Avenue, Penang.

At the beginning, i have not intended to write about Kim Gary Restaurant since many people see it as a fast food restaurant.
But, unlike McDonald's, not everything that it serves is yummy.
That is the point that i am writing this review.

First of all, the Kim Gary Restaurant at 1st Avenue was officially opened not long ago.
To boost their business, a series of vouchers are launched, such as 30% off total bill and free French Toast.
I have been there a few times, and i have got both the vouchers.
If you are really very hungry, Kim Gary Restaurant would be the ideal dining spot for you.
It is also very famous for its French Toast.
I have tried out the French Toast at the Queensbay and Gurney Plaza branches.
The one at Gurney served really cold toast.
Luckily, the French Toast (FOC) today was warm and excellent.
There was a thick layer of peanut butter, sandwiched with two pieces of toast which were covered with golden shiny honey.
A small sphere of butter was placed on the top and you have to spread the butter along the surface to make it taste even better.
Arming with knife and fork, we cut the toast into pieces.
When the toast was still warm, the peanut butter and honey were still in melting state.
The combination of both elements truly worth a like.
The peanut butter might stick to the top of the roof of your mouth and so do the honey.
It was awesome, and please be cautious, the toast will taste strange when it is cooled.
I am recommending it!

The restaurant does offer a wider variety of set meals during lunch hour, compared with night time.
I have chosen the Hokkaido Curry Pork Fillet Rice set (12.50 bucks), the name should be something like this.
For every set meal, drinks and soups are included.
You get to choose from a list of drinks (some might charge extra) and there are only two options of soup, borscht soup or cream soup.
The borscht soup was quite nice and it was like sourly tomato soup.
My beverage was the Yuanyang which is one of the most wanted beverages in the restaurant.
Yuanyang simply means white coffee with tea.
And, the Yuanyang was very refreshing and yet not-so-sweet.
But sill, it was not anywhere near the iced Cham that i had in Roti Bakar Kopitiam.
Regarding my main course, it might fit two person nicely.
Its quantity was too much for me.
There was a lot of pork fillets, the curry was fine and there was a mountain of rice.
I really felt a blend of strong spices.
The fillets were tender and the whole thing was delectable.
Overall, it tasted delicious, but the portion was really super large.
I got bored after finishing three-quarter of it.

Speaking of my other half, she has ordered the Korean Shin Ramyun Set which was priced at 12.90 bucks.
For this bowl of noodles, a small plate of Kimchi was served along.
The Kimchi was cold and sour.
Besides, Kimchi is also branded as the world's healthiest food.
The soup was supposed to be spicy, but the bean sprouts heavily influenced the taste, making it a bit lack of flavor, but still acceptable though.
It consisted of sausages which look like octopus, egg, sweet corns and chicken wings.
The noodles was very well-cooked, it was springy and kind of chewy.
In conclusion, it was not that impressive and was a bit overpriced.

I have been there during lunch time when weekdays and it was pretty crowded.
But, the service crew there managed to have everything under control.
The was a similar crowded condition there when i was there on a Sunday night with my family.
Unfortunately, during that particular visit, a young and lack-of-experience waitress attended to us and she just missed out some of our orders.
We ended up spending 2 hours in waiting and eating.
And, the manager or supervisor or whatever, he couldn't even listen or talk English.
For such big franchise, this problem must be treated with the correct solution.
Lastly, the prices stated are subjected to service charge of 10%.

Address : LG-01&02, 1st Avenue Mall, 182 Jalan Magazine, 10300 Penang.

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