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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

If i am to choose a western restaurant in Penang, Chicago Rib House is just right up my alley.
The house is situated in the same row with Starbucks and opposite to Chili's Grill Bar.
I have been there quadrice and every of my visits did not end up in disappointment.
However, this review is written based on my dining at there a month ago.

Usually, i would start with an appetizing soup.
That day was an exception as the soup of the day was not my cup of tea.
Let's take a look at my main course, it was the very pleasant-tasting bacon and chicken burger which i don't quite remember its price, should be around 17 bucks.
A sizzling juicy whole chicken patty with some bacon, together nestled in crunchy green lettuce, a large, ripe tomato slice, a piece of melting tasty cheese and two soft buns.
The combination was flawless, some more with the addition of acerbic yellow Mustard Tartar Sauce.

Next, it was the toothsome grilled blackened catch with french fries and baked potato which has a price tag of around 18 bucks on it.
The piece of peppery fish fillet looked dry, but indeed the white flesh which was enveloped with dark-coloured crisp layer was superbly succulent.
The crispy layer was not spicy at all but it was brackish.
It was contrasting the choice fish which was soporific and only had a mild fish taste.
No doubt, i will brand it as one of the must-try dishes of the restaurant.

Finally, it was dessert time.
I have requested the friendly service crew to get my Brownie with Ice Cream ( approximately RM5.90) served.
The luscious chocolate cake melted in my mouth and the sticky fudge started to frost on my taste buds.
The concurrently sweet and bitter taste succeed in easing my mind.
Remember, when you are stressed, read or spell backward the word 'stressed', it is indicating that you need some desserts!

Do make a reservation if you are visiting there at night especially on weekends.
Address : GP-17-G-43, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10150 Penang.
Contact no. : 04-2290763

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the portion is smaller than i thought, but the dessert price is fair enough....

but the taste is simply awesome! you can try out ingolf's knipe =]

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