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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kim Leng Loh Mee @ Perak Road, Penang.

Penang is legendary for its local cheap and mouthwatering hawker food.
Loh Mee is one of the local must-try delicacies.
Loh Mee is a Chinese-inspired noodle and Bee Hoon dish served in a thick, black and grooey broth.
There may be a lot of Loh Mee sellers, but i can count on the fingers of one hand the number of them who serve truly yummy ones.
So far, the best one that i have ever encountered is at Joo Huat Coffee Shop, Perak Road.
The coffee shop is positioned on your left hand side approximately a half mile after passing through Old Town Cafe if you are coming from Gelugor.
I believe a site map will be a better presenter than i am.

The Loh Mee is very reputed since long time ago and Jason Yeoh, or more commonly known as Ah Xian had been here for his food show.
Anyway, there are three options to choose from, small (2.70 bucks), medium (3.20 bucks) and big (4.50 bucks).
My serving was the medium one and there were no pork slices and chicken feet for my Mee as they are not my cup of tea.
Hence, there was only egg inside my bowl of Mee.
So far so good, they never got my order wrong!

It ended up with disappointment.
Today, the taste was way off their usual standard.
Although the taste was still acceptable, but it was terrible, compared with the old times.
And, i hope that the quality will be improved once more.
The starchy gravy was gooey enough and the thickness of the sticky gravy was just excellent.
The only problem was that the gravy today lacked of flavor.
I sensed a significant difference in the taste as i am considered a regular customer of the Mee.
I will be looking forward to try it out once more.
Just hope that it won't be resulted in another letdown.
By the way, there are not much parking spaces in vicinity and during lunch time, the coffee shop will be surely crowded.

Operation hours : 0700 - 1600 (Closed on every Thursdays)
Address : 336-I-G, Jalan Perak, 10150 Penang

Site Map:

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this is the type of loh mee that i hate the most

Huh? which kind of loh mee you prefer? =]

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