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Monday, March 7, 2011

Curry Mee at Weng Lok Cheong Cafe @ Perak Road, Penang.

Well, my other half and i had my so-called brunch quite early today.
That was why we were feeling hungry after our lectures.
On the way back home, we dropped by Weng Lok Cheong Cafe to have the once-tasty Curry Mee.
Few months since my last visit, i was here once more.
Nowadays, hawker food prices have been raised by at least 20 cents.
The Curry Mee there was no exception.
Oopsie daisy, i forgot to show you the way there.
If you are coming from the Perak Road Fire Station, keep traveling straight.
Once you have seen Old Town Cafe on your right, you may start to drive slowly.
Do notice there is a Hope Children's Hospital on your left and the coffee shop is located at the opposite of the hospital.
I can't help in providing the address of the coffee shop and i hope that the address of the hospital might helps.
383-A & 383-B, Taman Meranti Jalan Perak 11600 Jelutong, Penang.

We have ordered two bowls of medium-sized Mee and in fact, two bowls of large one were served.
Each bowl was priced at 3 bucks.
I can see quite a lot of squid and clams there.
Astonishingly, i could not locate any prawn inside my bowl of Mee.
3-dollars Curry Mee without prawn? You got to be kidding me, marks were deducted!
I am not a fan overly thick chili oil, i dislike it.
The Curry Mee tasted so-so but it was quite oily.
Honestly, the quantity was big and if it wasn't that oily, i would rate it 4 stars in term of taste.
I don't know why, recently, almost everything that i have tried aren't comparable to how they once tasted, sigh.

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