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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hainanese Fried Bee Hoon & Fried Rice @ Esplande, Penang.

Today, i went to the Esplanade Food Court to have my lunch,
During my last week's visit, i have tried out the western food and Mee Sotong there, click here.
Therefore, my choices today were the Hainanese Fried Bee Hoon and Fried Rice which are both sold by the western food stall.

The Hainannese food there was damn famous among office lads and ladies as they are tasty and in fact very cheap.
Speaking of my Fried Bee Hoon, i was pretty amazed by its super big portion, which only cost me 4 bucks.
It appeared like extra Bee Hoon and chicken were added.
Luckily, my other half have ordered the Fried Rice, in the other words, the two food were shared among us.
Honestly, i wonder that if a person could finish such large serving by himself or not.
The Bee Hoon were nicely fried and it was not sticky at all.
The gravy was a little bit salty, stir the sambal in and i guarantee you will adore the taste.
I guess there was at least 7 pieces of cuts of chicken meat.

Next, it was my other half's Fried Rice which was also served in a superior large portion.
Just refer to my picture, there was a mountain of rice with at least 7 pieces of chicken meats.
The price was the same with the Bee Hoon.
I personally felt that the Fried Rice was a little bit cold, but that did not affect the taste much.
The rice tasted salty and fulled of garlic aroma, which enhances the deliciousness of this dish.
Two thumbs up!
You better don't order this if you don't have a big appetite.
The portion was simply XXL.

This dish was my all-time favourite thingy as i am always addicted to French Fries.
The fries there looked larger and bigger than those who are sold by other western food hawkers, and they are identical to Nando's ones.
The generous amount of fries and Tartar sauce given only cost us a total of 4 bucks.

Just a friendly reminder, the food court will be fulled of white collars during lunch time everyday, especially Fridays!

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