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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant at Taman Pekaka @ Sungai Dua, Penang.

Yesterday, my other half and i have accidentally found this restaurant.
The name looked so familiar.
It is related to the Max Gourmet Restaurant at Gurney Plaza.
After reading a few reviews about it, we have decided to try it out.
Well, if you are departing from Tesco Extra to Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal, turn right once you have seen Nasi Kandar Subaidah.
Approaching a traffic light, take the left turning and go straight.
Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant should be in your sight now.

A young friendly waiter entertained us once we have gotten ourselves a table.
We have ordered chrysanthemum tea (1.20 bucks per pax).
The restaurant was operating at a quite systematic way and you don't see any push cart there.
It is a truly self service restaurant.
We were given a card, which has a list of prices on it.
You will have to bring your card, go to respective departments to get the food you desire.
Besides, the restaurant does offer a multitude of Dim Sum choices.

Let's kick off with some basic Dim Sum.
The steamed fish balls were sweet juicy, solid and very compact.
There were several kinds of Siew Mai to choose from.
In the end, the only green-coloured and purple-coloured ones successfully caught my attention.
Mushrooms were added into the purple-skinned Siew Mai while the green-skinned ones did consist of shrimps.
The shrimps were damn fresh.
From the aspect of taste, both of them tasted just like the original Siew Mai.
And of course, i don't recommend them as they were 60 cents more expensive than the original ones.

I have visited Zim Sum Restaurant for a few times and the Har Gow there was really terrible in term of appearance, got no good shape at all.
But the steamed shrimp dumplings here, both the deliciousness and appearance worth a thumbs up.
What has to be emphasized is that the shrimps were big and very fresh.
Speaking of the Fried Radish Cake, it was crispy enough on the outside, soft enough on the inside.
The content can be crushed easily as it was super 'fragile'.

I have never tried such small deep fried Wantan before in a Dim Sum restaurant.
This dish was recommended by the crew.
Of course, it was crispy and the meat inside was very packed together.
Thus, creating a nice chewy and crunchy texture.
It was best to be served together with Mayonnaise.
The egg tart there was quite yummy.
The custard which was moulded into a circle shape immediately started to melt when it was brought into my mouth.
Sweet and egg flavor was given out the moment when the custard melts.

The porridge was recommended in most of the reviews.
In fact, it was aromatic and it was more to delicate flavor.
I adored it.

The Chee Cheong Fun was one of the best dishes.
The Shahe Fen was quite smooth and the prawns were big, the freshness was excellent.
The soy sauce itself was pretty scrumptious once combined with the sambal.

I almost forgot about the Bao's.
The Bao was fluffy and soft.
I personally felt that Char Siew Bao tasted fine but the so-called Kaya Bao was very special and you must try it out.
Its name was actually Bao with Lotus Paste.
The paste was moderately sweet and you could feel that it was made naturally.

Last but not the least, the Loh Mai Kai was very well-cooked.
There was a big portion of chicken meat, mushroom and a few pieces of Char Siew were included.
Overall, its taste was spectacular!

Our total bill was 31.10 bucks, which is considered reasonable as we did order quite a lot of food.
I will be back!

Address : 2-G-11/12, Pekaka Square, Lebuh Pekaka Satu, 11700 Penang.
Contact no. : 04-6560915
Operating hours : Believed to be 0700 - 1400

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ya...the food price quite reasonable, is cheaper than my hometown Alor Star one....and the choice quite a lot...

I just found the restaurant accidentally yesterday, nice!
Any where else to have dim sum? =]

美食之家so famous u jz discover? near PISA got one记得食,can try as well....
maybe we can meet next time to enjoy meal together, hehe~~

True also, haha, i now just discovered.
i rarely travelled to sungai dua area until my college time.
near where leh? pisa is kind of large =]

the way from Bukit Jambul to Sungai Ara....u will saw it just on your left....

They charge water 90 sen per pax,reasonable or not?And you have to visit twice after their dim sum,what say you?

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