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Friday, March 4, 2011

Once again, Roti Bakar Kopitiam @ Ivory Plaza, Penang.

First of all, i would like to make a clarification. I was wrong in my previous review. Actually, the prices are subjected to only 5% of service tax.

I have got myself four 30% off total food bill vouchers from an event, organized by Foodtok.
Well, the Roti Bakar Kopitiam boss have questioned the founder of Foodtok as i have really got quite an amount of vouchers from the particular event.
At the beginning, i was not intending to write this review as i have already written two reviews bout the cafe.
But to prove that i am a regular customer of the cafe, i did it once more.

Yesterday, my other half and i did the same old thing, travelling down here to have brunch.
However, we did not order the same old food.
Our choices were the cafe's special Curry Wan Tan Mee and Satay Fried Rice.
Let's get started with the speciality, the Mee.
The Wan Tan Mee was chewy and very springy.
Besides, the quality was certainly above the other Wan Tan Mee's in Penang.
The one thing that i dislike was the over-amount of black soy sauce added.
That made the Mee darker in colour and the taste of the sauce was too thick, which resulted in thirst.
The curry gravy was fine and i adored the soft sweet potatoes very much.
The cafe was a little bit stingy as there was only a tiny volume of curry inside my wok.
Please forgive me as i have forgotten the price.

Okay, it is the Fried Rice's turn.
This was a little bit naive dish to us as we never had so-called Satay Fried Rice (6.90 bucks) before.
Sadly, it was just actually garlic fried rice with satay.
That did not matter, i just care about the taste.
Speaking of the garlic fried rice, it was truly 'garliced' which was quite aromatic, good appearance though.
I compressed the rice with my spoon and the rice was damn sticky.
Can it be that they just finished cooking the rice? Possible.
The fried rice was a large disappointment, as it was severely tasteless.
However, i managed to finish it along with the Satay sauce.
The Satay was absolutely scrumptious!
The Satay were marinated with the yellow thingy which i don't know its name and which is often used in marinating chicken before deep frying by local Malays and Indians.
I felt the great tenderness of the Satay when i was crunching it, quite tender huh?
I highly recommend the Satay but just like what i have said, the cafe was stingy until only an approximate of two tablespoons of Satay gravy was given.
But, the portion today was quite large.
There were four sticks of Satay served while i saw only three of them in the reference picture inside the menu.

By the way, the iced 'Cham' today was way too marvellous, compared with all my previous visits.
Referring to my picture, can you spot the tiny bubbles popping on the surface?
The beverage today was really addictive.
I could feel blending of taste of coffee and milk significantly.
And, opsie daisy, price can't be remembered.

Address : 1-1-5 Plaza Ivory, Halaman Bukit Gambir, 11700 Gelugor, Penang
Operating hours : 0830 to 2230
Tel. no. : 04-6595989

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walau, the boss like that also want to question foodtok ka? sigh for Roti Bakar....

Haha, no la, Jacgy told me that the boss felt curious as i really got many vouchers.
Seriously, did the boss questioned him, i don't know lo.

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