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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

If you are finding Japanese food in which the price won't make you jump out of your skin, Sakae Sushi is perhaps the ideal choice.
Sakae serves more authentic Japanese food if compared with Sushi King.
Besides, the prices are quite fair and i will never go back to Sushi King after encountering with Sakae.

The service crew there was very well-trained.
We have asked for two glasses of cold water and they were served in a blink of an eye.
The place is large and can accommodate a large number of customers and yet the service efficiency is so high, unlike Sakae Sushi at Gurney Plaza.
There were waiters walking here and there, on standby to offer their service.

To utilise vouchers that i own, my other half and i did the maths, minimising our expenditure.
We have shared some Sushi before we went for our main courses.
This Spicy Salmon Hand Roll cost us RM1.90 only.
Some Sushi rice, spicy salmon and vegetables were stuffed inside the seaweed cone.
From the aspect of taste, i would say that it was only so-so.
The seaweed was very springy and chewy.
I prefer simple Spicy Salmon Sushi which shares the same price tag.

We tried our luck, trying out some special Sushi there which we have never had and it turned out to be a good bet.
Our selections were the Sakae Blossom and Soft Shell Crab Sushi which both are priced at RM5.90.
The soft shell crab were crispy and warm, but it tasted plain when i ate it alone.
There was some cheese and Sushi rice beneath it, enveloping by bits of unidentified vegetables.
The vegetables offered a sandy texture and it tasted bitter.
Just consume the crab along with the rice and cheese, you will be amazed.

Speaking of the Sakae Blossom, it tasted very special.
Fresh salmon was used to wrap the salmon roe, also known as Ikura.
The thin slice of salmon was very fresh and i could feel the popping of Ikura inside of my mouth, giving out a sweet liquid.
Thumbs up for both the appearance and deliciousness!

Kimuchi Ramen (RM12.90) is one of the recommendations in their menu.
The orangish nuclear spicy and sour soup was pretty mouthwatering.
The portion was alright and the Ramen was quite smooth and firm.
Slices of deep fried chicken the soup were given.
The chicken fillets were still very solid although they were already dipped in the soup when the ramen was served.
It will be fantastic to have the Ramen in cold weather.

In accordance with their menu, Chicken Shiogayaki Donburi (RM12.90) is one of Sakae's best sellers.
The taste of gravy was identical to 豆浆鱼, i am not sure if this is the correct name.
You will have to stir the rice and gravy or else it will be a little salty.
Overall, it was yummy but i did not adore it as i don't sense any Japanese food style element in it.
Like i said, it was similar to something i had everyday during my childhood.

Address : 2F-49 Queensbay Mall
Contact no. : 604-6430015
Fax no. : 604-6430016


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