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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lunch at Sakae Sushi @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

I was supposed to write and publish this post yesterday.
But, my other half accidentally took my camera home and i did not have any picture with me.
Our college semester break has just begun and we had a great day at Gurney Plaza yesterday.
This is the second review about Sakae Sushi at Gurney Plaza.
Kindly hit here for the previous one.

My other half and i have asked for two glasses of cold water but hot ones were served.
I immediately requested the waitress to change them and it took several reminders to get it done.
That left me a bad impression in term of service.
Right after confirming our orders through the computer, we grabbed ourselves a plate of Spicy Salmon Sushi (RM1.90).
The Spicy Salmon Sushi was more unique than the Fresh Salmon Sushi which has the same price tag.
It was a little hot and spicy, but the fresh salmon taste was still pretty zesty.
I had it along with the green Wasabi and i did feel a burning sensation through my nose!
And i was eating to my heart's content, i am a spicy lover.

There are only a few choices of Bento and Gozen in the menu.
I have picked the Gyu Kinoko Don, in other words, beef and mushroom Don which cost me RM13.90.
There was a mountain of sauteed beef and mushrooms and the rice was just beneath it.
The mixing of dark Yakiniku sauce and rice created a flavorsome and very pleasant taste.
What took my breath away are the beef slices.
They were super chewy, tough, thick and of course, soporific.

My other half's selection was the Sakae Gozen (RM32.90) which comprised of rice, Miso soup, Chawanmushi, Japanese curry, deep fried chicken fillets, Teriyaki Salmon and scallops with spicy Mayo.
The price was high but it was reasonable.
We have gone through the whole menu and the two scallops have already cost RM16.90.
Sesame powder was wrinkled on the rice to make it more savory.
The golden brown chicken fillets were pretty tender and crispy.
It tasted plain when i ate it alone.
But, with a dip in the thick Japanese curry, it tasted totally different and it was lip-smacking.
Regarding the Teriyaki Salmon, it tasted so-so.
The best part was the five star yummy baked scallops with creamy spicy Mayo sauce.
The scallops were enveloped with the orange sauce and Tobiko before being sent into the oven.
You must consume the scallop bite by bite.
It felt damn good when i have the Mayo sauce and flying fish eggs melting inside my mouth.
I super recommend the scallops!
The scallops here completely trashed Tao's ones.

Our total bill was supposed to be RM56.50.
With vouchers, we were entitled to a RM8 rebate.

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You make me miss eating Sakae Sushi at Queensbay.

u make me remember i still have 3 sakae RM8 ang pao havent use yet....

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