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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mizi Bistro @ New World Park, Penang.

Having gone through several reviews regarding the bistro and i have noticed that excellent ratings are given to their mushroom soup.
During New Year's Eve 2010, my other half and i paid the bistro a visit for the very first time.

Set dinner is available from 16.90 bucks, really value for money.
Due to it was a special day, the bistro was congested.
Luckily, i have made a reservation through telephone a few days ago.
I have checked the reservation list for my phone number or my name.
Surprisingly, there was a reservation under the name Gerald and his phone number was exactly mine.
I wonder it was my pronunciation problem or their listening problem.
Gosh, do 'Darren' and 'Gerald' sound alike?
An elderly waiter suspected us of taking a reservation from the no-show Gerald and he was kind of rude.
There is no word like thank you or excuse me in his dictionary.
Forget that, at least, we still got ourselves a table.

The interior design is adapted to classic western style club.
I could see Britain flags, pictures of western celebrities and logos of superbrands, like Harley Davidson fill up the empty walls.

Well, these 4 bottles of Tabasco sauces are quite rare in Penang.
All of them were very spicy, especially the green pepper one.
They will surely be good addons when you are having western cuisine.

Every set meal does come with bread, soup and dessert.
Our appetizer was bread slices with a few butter cubes.

Now, this is really an ambrosia.
The pure mushroom soup was pretty thick and creamy.
It is the best mushroom soup i have ever tried.
I highly recommend this super duper yummy soup.

There were a few options of soup.
And for this onion shop, it tasted so-so but seriously you could just fall for its aroma.

My choice was the Classic Combo Three, which cost me around 25 bucks.
It was one of the chef's specialties which consists of a chicken chop, lamb chop, fish fillet and mashed potatoes.
I personally found it way too much for one person and would perfectly suit two.
The chicken, lamb and fish were topped with different gravy.
All of them went so well with their respective gravy.
I adored the creamy yellowish gravy of the fish fillet a lot.
The combo was absolutely fit for a king.

This, Seafood Kebab was recommended by the friendly waitress and now, it is my turn to recommend it.
Its price tag was almost the same with my Classic Three Combo.
There was a string of meats of squid, fish, prawn, tomatoes and green peppers, with some Briyani Rice beneath it.
The meats were very well marinated and the combination of the rice and seafood definitely worth a LIKE!
The Kebeb was very special and was quite large in term of quantity too.
You must try it!

Finally, it was dessert time and we got to enjoy free flow of ice cream.

Address : 102-D-6, New World Park, Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang.
Contact no. : 04-2272921

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The owner is ex-hotelier, where the head chef comes from 5* hotel. The set meal price has gone up to RM25 but yet, still worth to have since the food portion is big.

Thanks for your piece of info, Phebez.
Ya, every buck paid for the set meal is certainly worth it.

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