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Sunday, March 20, 2011

5-Course Lunch at Santorini Cafe @ Burma Road, Penang.

Seriously, i never know the existence of this cafe as it is shadowed by the biggest pet shop in South East Asia, Chew Tian Yang Aquarium twenty four seven.
The first time i have heard its name was via Ezivoucher which is a specialist group in publishing promising money-saving deals for Malaysians.
During that period, Santorini Cafe and Ezivoucher were cooperating, launching an offer.
I was deeply attracted to the sweet and extraordinary name, Santorini and since the offer was unimaginably worth it, i bought my other half and myself a voucher each.

Santorini is actually a volcanic island situated in the southern Aegean Sea and it is one of the two only locations in Europe to feature a hot desert climate.
Besides, the island is pretty famous for its breath-taking sceneries and that may explain why and how the owner named the cafe, possible?
Santorini cafe is just next to the Chew Tian Yang Aquarium and Little Cottage along Burma Road.
Customers are allowed to park at the cafe compound and for those who park their rides at the aquarium or New World Park car park, kindly show your parking ticket in order to get a refund of RM1.
In a single bill, at most 2 parking tickets will be refunded.

The exterior and interior design are based on the bright sky and the blue sea.
However, the cafe is floored with brown-coloured classic floor tiles with floral pattern on them.
The cafe does have a relaxing ambiance and serves scrumptious food.
My other half told me that if i need inspiration in blogging, this is the perfect place for you.
Did you spot me in one of the pictures below?

For voucher usage, an appointment must be made a day earlier.
Guess what? My other half and i enjoyed our 5-course lunch at a bargain price of only RM8.
We kicked off with the appetizer, homemade potato salad.
They really got the potatoes cooked very well.
The steamed unskinned sweet potatoes were so soft until i could crush them with my tongue.
Japanese mayonnaise was topped onto the potatoes in order to create a slightly sourly sweet taste.

There were two beverage options, unsweetened coffee or tea.
I have got no comment regarding the drinks.

Here came our fresh mushroom soup which warmed up our stomach.
This soup was not-so-creamy but it was thick.
It was so delectable and it may be compared to Mizi's.
But it could be better if the flavour is more intense.

The service crew got our stuffs served right when we want them.
They were quite observant huh?
Finally, our main courses were served.
I have asked for chicken while my other half's choice was fish.
First, we will look into her selection.
A piece of grilled fish fillet was served along with salad and fries.
I have no idea what the orangish sauce above the fillet was but it tasted acerbic.
The fish was superbly grilled, crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.
The only thing i disliked is the excessive sauce which 'lemonized' the fish, making it tasted sour.
However, the whole combination was out of the ordinary and the taste was still acceptable.

My piece of grilled chicken was topped with a reddish sauce which i could not identify it.
The sauce was spicy and my other half claimed that it is Tom Yam sauce.
Well, taste is the only thing matters.
From the bottom of my heart, the chef could be a grill master.
My piece of chicken was simply a masterpiece.
Grilled chicken with Tom Yam or whatever spicy sauce, i have never tried that before.
It was extremely special and of course it was mouth-watering!

At last, our desserts were here.
Scoop of rainbow ice cream reminded me of my childhood.
They should at least wrinkle chocolate rice on the ice cream.
But with such cheap price, what do you expect?

Totally out of my expectation, the food was very distinct in its own way.
I did not take a clear look at menu, i just sat down, provide my voucher code and i was done.
Hence, i am not able to upload information regarding the prices.
The only thing that i knew is that they do offer set lunch at a i-don't-know price.
Anyway, they do own a blog, please don't hesitate to contact them for any enquiry, click here!
You may also pay their facebook page a visit.

Address : 94, Burma Road, 10500Penang.
Contact no: 04 - 2292776 OR 016-4416039
Operation Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11.00am - 3.00pm | 5.00pm - 10.30pm)

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Awesome! i got vouchers from ezivoucher.
this 5-course lunch only cost me rm8 nett. =]

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