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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prawn Fritters @ Tan Jetty, Penang.

Penang is not-so-famous with the local prawn fritters and in fact, Chinese prawn fritters are not easily found here.
I have discovered one which serves pretty good fritters in Weld Quay area.
If you are not staying in vicinity, you might have problems in locating the stall as it is not situated by the main road.
If you are coming from the Weld Quay Shell Petrol Station, keep driving forward until there is a coffee shop named Xen Teck Cafe on your left hand side.
Beside the coffee shop, there is a tiny path which is able to accomodate only a car at a time.
Take the turning and you are arriving at the stall which is sheltered by a shed, with its big shop sign hanging up there.
The prawn fritters and pork rolls (Loh Bak) are sold at 0.80 bucks each and 1.40 bucks each respectively.
You may get bulk of fritters from them if you are having a party or whatever.
I did not try the Loh Bak and in fact, i have taken away 3 pieces of prawn fritters.

Well, the fritters tasted normal.
It was a disappointment that they were not crispy enough.
But at least, i can feel the tiny prawns in my mouth when i was crunching the fritters.
Here is the main thing.
It created an absolutely delicious taste when you have the prawn fritters right after dipping them in the chili sauce given.
The chili sauce was identical to those Thai chili sauce.
I could sense a strong feel of garlic inside the sauce.
The sauce itself was sweet and spicy.
It certainly enhanced the taste of the fritters and it can't be found easily here.
Ho Chak!

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