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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loh Bak & Mee Goreng @ Jelutong Market, Penang.

If you are living in Jelutong region, you are free of hunger as there are hawker stalls no matter in the morning, afternoon or even at night.
By the way, not all of the stalls serve great food.
I just had my high tea at the coffee shop just at the intersection of Jalan Penaga and Jalan Jelutong.
I had no idea about its name but it is on your left hand side just a few metres after the Caltex Petrol Station if you are coming from Gelugor.
The Mee Goreng and the Herbal Duck Noodle there are very notable for their respective tastiness.
I was intending to have the noodle but i was unfortunate enough.
Never mind then, i had set the Mee Goreng and Loh Bak as my targets.
The Mee Goreng seller was a Mr. nice guy and so did the Loh Bak uncle.
They both have good manners and they reacted bashfully and happily when i was taking photographs of them.

The 3.50 bucks Mee Goreng with egg was first served and this time, it was very tasty and not-so-spicy.
The Mee was a little reddish but not as terrible as the Esplande Mee Sotong.
No pork was added in order to carter Muslims.
I was satisfied with the amount of money i have paid as there was quite a lot of squid, dried bean curd and potato slices.
Maybe due to his not-so-good business today, my Mee Goreng was simply spectacular and it may be compared to the Sungai Pinang Mee Goreng .
Yum yum!

Finally, here came my Loh Bak which have to be dipped in boiling oil for reheating and deep frying.
Loh Bak is best to be served as snack, appetizer or for sharing.
There is a multitude of items to choose from.
Commonly, some of them are prawn fritters, five-spice pork rolls, spiced corned eggs, bean curds and the must-try Stingray fish fillets.
For my plate of Loh Bak, the gooey Loh sauce was mixed with the chili sauce, which produced a spicy, starchy and yet unique dipping sauce.
The price was very reasonable, only 6.60 bucks for my default serving (1 piece of prawn fritter, 2 pieces of fish fillet and an egg).
I adored the prawn fritters as they were very crispy!
The same for the fish fillets.
The fish fillets were considered very cheap, i was given a lot of the fillets.
I can see there was only a very thin layer of flour surrounding the fillet and the stingray skin was not removed.
The skin made the fillets tasted even more scrumptious and more chewy.
The best part is that the fillets were damn fresh!
I guess i can't find any Loh Bak stall here which serves such fresh fish fillets.
The 'black' egg was cold and lacked of flavour though.
The Loh Bak is recommended highly by me, to you!

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