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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant @ Batu Lanchang, Penang.

Tonight, my brother treated my family and i to dinner after receiving his first salary.
Apparently, we have chosen our all-time favourite restaurant, Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant which is located in Batu Lanchang.
If you are departing from Gelurgor, few metres before encountering Bukit Dumbar on your right hand side, take the left turn into Lebuhraya Gelugor.
Keep driving straight until you see a playground on your left, the restaurant is just opposite the playground.
The place is always super crowded especially on weekends.

We have found us a table which is just big enough for 10 of us.
I felt uncomfortable and impatient as i don't know why, the place was damn hot and the sound pollution was terrible today.
Some more, it took us at least 15 minutes for the waitress to attend to us.
But luckily, our dishes were served one by one at a quite rapid rate.
The curry thing will always be the first one on the table.
Our Curry Stingray which cost us 36 bucks was quite delicious.
The gravy tasted just like the way Indian curry supposed to be.
I could feel the blend of of a big variety of spices inside the curry, appetizing!
The stingrays were alright, in term of freshness.

We tried our luck, ordering something we have never tried, the Squid Curry which cost us 16 bucks.
The squids, topped with spicy reddish gravy were simply yummy!
They were quite fresh though.

Next, it was the Deep Fried Nestum Mantis Prawn (16 bucks).
I sincerely disliked it although the Nestum and the so-called Mantis Prawn were very aromatic.
The problem was that i did not sense and feel the mantis prawn as it was totally covered by a damn thick layer of flour.

Aha! This was one of the dishes that i adored a lot tonight.
This dish was just an innovated version of Marmite Chicken which has a price tag of 16 bucks.
The chicken was marinated with Marmite sauce before being deep fried.
i don't care that much as long as it is scrumptious and in fact, it fitted my taste well!

I have no comment on the Sizzling Hot Plate Tofu and Stir Fried Water Spinach which were priced at 16 bucks and 8 bucks respectively.
I personally felt that the water spinach was way to salty to be eaten alone.

Last but not least, it was the chef's special, Thai Deep Fried Pork Leg in which we have paid 19 bucks for it.
Unfortunately, the pork leg today was damn small in size compared with the old times.
The highlight of this dish was the crispy parts on the pork leg and the sweet and spicy sauce.
The crispiness of the pork leg may even be better than the finger licking good Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Thumbs up and i highly recommend this non-halal thingy!

Address : 15, Lintang Batu, 11600 Penang
Business Hours : 1800 - 0000
Contact no. : 046589799, 0164413666, 0124773063

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