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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sakae Sushi @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Today was the second anniversary of my other half and i.
We have spent our day at Gurney Plaza.
What we had for lunch was Sakae Sushi as Japanese food is always our cup of tea.
I do adore the computerized food ordering system!

Got to get something that could awaken my senses, Wasabi to enhance the tastiness of our salmon sushi.
In fact, the salmon sushi which was priced at 1.90 bucks was really a bargain but the it got not much salmon taste.

Alright, folks, fork and spoon time!!
The Salmon and Terriyaki Chicken Bento, which came with Miso soup, Chawanmushi and rice was first served.
The Bento cost us 22.90 bucks.
Regarding the salmon, it was fine, not-so-fresh but still considered as fresh.
The yummy thingy was the Terriyaki chicken.
The Terriyaki sauce was sweet, syrupy and little bit tangy, great!
I need not to say anything about the Miso soup and Chawanmushi cause they will never worth a yuck.

Next, was the Saba and Soft Shell Crab Gozen, which baby octopus, Chawanmushi, Miso soup and rice were served along.
Gozen, in the other words, means your highness or your majesty.
I guess this is the kind of food that the Japanese Emperor have everyday, i am envying!
Let's talk about the food.
And of course, surely it cost more and it was priced at 27.90 bucks.
For the Saba fish which was marinated and underwent a series of deepfrying, the flesh was juicy and the skin tasted even better, crispy and salty.
The cold baby octopus was fine, and i felt that it was like a salad, topped with sweet dressings.
Regarding the soft shell crab, i was a little disappointed, as it was not even crispy and it was covered by a thick layer of flour.
There was only a small amount of flesh and the worst is, the crab was not warm.
Tao Cuisine serves 10 times better soft shell crab than Sakae's.

That meal really satisfied us and with vouchers won from Foodtok, we managed to get a 8 bucks rebate from total bill.
That added a delight on top of our delight.

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