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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amelie Cafe @ Armenian Street, Penang.

Armenian Street is one of the earliest street found by 19th century and is named after the Armenian inhabitants who were traders from India and Batavia (Jakarta).
Amelie Cafe which is situated on this old road right next to Cheah Kongsi was once a very hot topic as a result of its uniquity and of course, has caught eyes of numerous bloggers.
My other half and i have been hearing great things about the cafe for years and now we finally made the visit.
Unfortunately, we thought it will be an easy task to locate the cafe but we were wrong and we were wasting our precious time wandering at the historical town which is also inscribed as UNESCO heritage site.
We were welcomed by a kingdom of green plants along with some fascinating, beautiful hand painted signs and drawings.
From the picture above, you could see a white cat which is desiring a cup of hot coffee accompanied by words 'cafe n Zakka'.
Zakka which broadly refers to anything and everything that spruces up your home, life and outlook is exactly the cafe concept.

Staying true to their concept, the cafe owners fully support the idea of going green which means recycling and reusing.
The interior is decorated with refurbished junks like glass bottles, glass jam jars and hand painted wood crafts as well as hand painted gunny sacks.
Even the menu of the day is hand written on a piece of blackboard.
For your information, there are only a total of 4 tables which look exactly the same with my old primary school school desk.
I was largely disappointed as photography is prohibited in the cafe but for my dear readers, i snapped down an overview of the interior with a phone instead of DSLR.
There are two possible reasons why photography is not allowed.
First, the cafe is small enough and you certainly will bother the other guests when you walk around taking photos.
Second, some of the crafts displayed are for sale so they are just preventing plagiarism from happening.

To save our stomach for dessert, we shared only a beverage, Banana & Passion Fruit Lassi (RM10).
Our yogurt-based drink was made freshly with yogurt, water, pure banana and passion fruit pulps.
It was pretty thick, creamy, rich in vitamins and surprisingly, it was moderately sweet with a few black tiny banana seeds scattered throughout the liquid.
With the sweetness from banana and passion fruit, it was not necessary to add in sugar.
However, i found it difficult to ease my thirst as the Lassi was extremely thick and it was not cold enough.

One of the two main courses we have chosen was the Aglio Olio (RM17).
As you can see, there was nothing else but spaghetti, cheese flakes and sliced sausage.
With exactly the right amount of olive oil and garlic as well as a strong trace of cheese, the firm, chewy spaghetti was yummy and healthy.
The spaghetti was not excessively dry and the sausage coped with the taste well.
Other than that, the sausage was different from those we could find in supermarket cold storeroom.
It was more compact and had a springy texture like Taiwanese pork sausage.
Nevertheless, the portion was quite small.

The other one was the Pasta Carbonara (RM17) and carbonara simply means 'Char Siew' (叉烧).
This pasta deeply impressed me with its unique gravy in which the flavours of cheese and white sauce total-dominating it.
Besides, the thin slices of carbonara were very soft and tender despite being fried in olive oil.
It was absolutely awesome in term of taste but not value.

One of the two desserts of the day was the Dark Cherry Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM12).
Hot dark chocolate was poured onto the chocolate cake which was like the soft version of Brownie and was served along with a scoop of smooth white vanilla ice cream.
In addition, a couple of black succulent nectarous cherries sat on top of the cake while the cake was actually sandwiching some crunchy almond-like nuts.
The dark chocolate, the cake and the ice cream altogether formed a piece of heaven.
After all, the ice cream was not cold enough.

In conclusion, Amelie Cafe is an ideal place for those who only wants to have a drink.
To me, the main courses there such as pasta and sandwiches are scarily overpriced even though no tax is imposed.
With only an electric fan installed and such low ceilings, the cafe was a bit warm and i could not stop perspiring.
Prohibition of photography is one of the major reasons why i ain't coming back.

No 6, Armenian Street,
10200 Penang.
(beside Cheah Kongsi)
[google map]

Contact no.:
012 - 496 7838



food presentation seems nothing special....

yeah, but the food there was homestyle cooked and i believe it was very healthy.
however, the price is too high. =(

I have been looking for one of these star projectors for a while but knowing what Im like with gadgets I didn't want to be spending over the £100 mark on some of the star projectors on sale.

Are You kidding me, Carbonara Means " Char Siew " You must be a joke. Ridicules....

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