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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Mizi Bistro @ Tesco Tanjung Pinang, Penang.

Mizi Bistro made its name with its very first outlet at New World Park.
The first outlet might be small but in my experience, it is congested every time i walk pass it.
According to someone, one of the owners is actually an ex-hotelier while the head chef comes from a 5 star hotel.
Every restaurant has its distinctive signature dish and for Mizi Bistro, it is their Mushroom Soup.
It has been half a year since my last visit to that outlet.
I was quite surprised that Mizi Bistro extended their business by establishing a new outlet at Tesco Tanjung Pinang.

My other half and i had a look over the menu and have noticed that the old RM16.90 or RM19.90 set lunch no longer exists.
The new price for set meal which includes a soup, main course, drinks and free flow of ice cream is already RM25.
However, you could only choose your desired main course which is classified as Pasta, Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Sandwiches, Vegetarian or Salad.
Extra RM6 will be charged based on A La Carte price if you select from the Meat, Chef's Specialities or Smoked Salmon.

I have got no comment on the peach tea and mango juice.

The mushroom soup was served along with bread and butter cubes.
Living up to its reputation, the soup was simply amazing.
The richness, thickness, creaminess and amout of mushroom thrown in helped to achieve its superiority.
You really have to try it, 'take it to love it'!

For your information, my other half is always a fan of Lagsane and she went for the Lasagne Al Forno which came in a medium big portion.
Credits to Google, i found out that Al Forno simply means at/from the oven.
The wide, flat pasta was baked before being eventually sandwiched among Bechamel sauce, Bolognese sauce and Parmesan cheese.
Besides that, ground chicken, black pepper, tomato were mixed in.
The delicious meaty lasagna was partially flooded with white cream sauce and drops of greenish herb oil.
With accordance to my other half, the Lasagna alone tasted plain but the total combination created a very unique pleasant taste.
Still, the Lasagna was not firm and compact enough which consequences in the lack of texture quality.

Well, i had the big-portioned seashell-shaped Seafood Casseroles.
A casserole can be defined as a dish which is used in oven and as a serving vessel.
As you can see, there was a vast quantity of fish, prawns, mussels, squid and mushroom.
Ground almonds and herbed crumb were sprinkled throughout the dish, accompanied by rice ball, sliced carrot, green and white broccoli.
Taste wise, it was extraordinary with a little flick between sweet and sour.
Anyhow, i felt that it was excessively salty as a result of the cheese added , i guess.
I really have to emphasise on the super fresh sliced squid which left us mistaking it for abalone slice.

It was dessert time and you can enjoy the different flavours of ice cream as much as you could.
I think it is not necessary to review the ice cream there.

The service was a bit slow and i did ask for Tabasco sauce but my request got no reply at all.
Nevertheless, the politeness of the service crew cancels out these issues.
The meal cost us RM50 which means that the prices stated in the menu are not subject to tax.
From my point of view, the place is cozy subtracting the ugly ceiling pipes and the glass door which permits burning dazzling irritating sunlight to enter.
They really need to splash the cash on covering the pipes and installing a curtain.
Other than that, Tesco kept using the mall PA system to promoto their stuffs.
The voices were really annoying especially when i was enjoying my food.

Lot No. G3, G/F,
Tesco Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Penang.

Contact no.:
04 - 8982921

Fax no.:
04 - 8907086


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the chicken chop need extra RM6!!??
Mizi become suck blood d...i dun think will visit, not worth....
BTW, since u visit, y dun buy the squarelet voucher last time? Only charge RM20, save RM5/person....

Not sure lo, i think chicken chop under poultry.
A bit overpriced now the set meal.
I din buy the voucher cause the choices are very limited.

I don't feel comfortable eating in this outlet where I can see that the ceiling is not covered and big problem with dusts up there which can go into the food!! Fix it properly and I will go in.

Totally agree with you, Silan.
I have never seen restaurant like this before!

I had the worst pumpkin soup and pesto at Mizi's Bistro at Tanjung Pinang. Pesto was overcooked, too oily and too much garlic. The bread was soggy and cold. Pumpkin soup tasted like it had Knorr's chicken cube in it. When I told the staff, the response was "I am sorry" that's it. Another one said "This is not the only outlet, we have other outets in..." Huh? Food is so bad, why would I care how many outlets you have? Do you expect me to go to other outlet if the food at this outlet is bad?

It's a set meal RM25++, for the bad food i had above was totally not worth it coz I couldn't finish them and felt so dissatisfied! Food and service definitely need improvement!

I will boycott this place for sure!

The service there definitely has to be improved. Apparently, they are lacked of training. I once visited the outlet at New World Park and it was on the last day of the year 2010, i made a reservation and the service crew mistook my name. They showed sour faces and acted like i never made any reservation.

I am sorry for your terrible experience and i could not agree more that the set meal is a bit overpriced now. I am doubtful about revisting this restaurant.

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