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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Invited Review : De Title Dining Cabin @ Lorong Selamat, Penang.

Click here for the latest De Title Dining Cabin review in which i wrote about their Cheese Fondue.
Does the name Lorong Selamat sound familiar to you?
This particular street which is located in the heart of Georgetown gained its reputation via the vast array of hawker food available there, especially the famous Ah Leng Char Koay Teow and not to forget the creative aunty who turned out to be a fabulous rapper in promoting her Bak Hu (meat floss).
I hope you will enjoy the following video as i did.

Oops, i am way off the topic, let's get back on track.
Somewhere in the middle of the road, there is a heritage building which is painted in very distinctive lilac colour.
For your information, lilac is not only a symbol of peace and tranquillity but also represents elegance and uniqueness.
Yup, that is the protagonist of this review, De Title Dining Cabin.
Both the young friendly female owners, Janice and Ean were friends since young and they share the same principle, 'nothing is impossible'.
You name it and they will make it.
That is the inspiration for the peculiar name, De Title.
I really got to bow down for their commitments.
You know what? The ladies were involved in making every single decoration you could find, including the artistic window frames.

Beyond my expectation, the interior is all light purple, just like the exterior.
Taking your very first step into the cafe and now you are at the dining area.
Posters regarding ongoing promotions filled the partially empty walls.
Moving on, you will approach a small modeled buffet corner in which an extensive selection of soup, bread, cakes, jelly and ice-cream could be located.
The best part is that an extra of only RM1.50 is required to enjoy the unlimited buffet if you already have a main course on hand.
Dining place.

Buffet section.

There is a stairway connecting to the first storey where you could reserve it for a function, party or gathering.
On the staircase, a number of colourful picture frames are suspended on the wall.
Under the intense light from the spotlight, the frames left everyone pointing and shooting at them, with their respective camera of course.

After a brief speech by Qyzzy, me and the others proceeded to food tasting session.
We kicked off with the rich and appetizing mushroom soup.
No doubt, it was superb in term of taste when i had some crunchy cubes in my creamy broth.
In my case, i could add as much croutons as i desire.

The first to be served was the Seafood Yaki Udon which became paparazzi in no time.
Everyone vied to capture this unique dish.
Thick wheat-flour noodle, Udon was used and surprisingly, it had the local Char Kway Teow element in it.
It was spicy and tasted certainly like Char Kway Teow, if not counting in the texture and the weak scorchness.
The taste was pretty fine.

Next, it was the Cheese Baked Fusilli which is extraordinary and vegetarian-friendly.
Instead of regular cream sauce, tomato sauce was added.
The taste was okay but i found it less impressive if compared to the Cheese Baked Rice.

It was Pizza time!
Unfortunately, i was too clumsy to snatch myself a piece of Chicken Ham Pizzaiola with Roti Canai Base.
The size was absolutely insufficient to feed all of us.

The Spaghetti Aglio Olio which composed of corn and mushroom, flavoured with spicy flakes and olive oil received negative feedbacks from the bloggers on the spot.
I personally found that the taste was not so bad but i could not agree more that it was very dry.
The spicy hot flakes dominated the flavour and it might be harsh to someone who is not a devious chili eater.

I adored the Cheese Baked Rice a lot and it was not far away from the standard of Swensen's one.
The whole thing looked promising and it turned out to be how it is supposed to be.
Beneath the solid baked cheese layer was the liquid state cheese and white cream sauce which diffused themselves throughout the white rice.
Thumbs up!

We then relished a series of grilled chicken which came with coleslaw, homemade mashed potato and unique gravy.
Starting from the Rosered Grilled Chicken, i don't know what is meant by Rosered, may be it is the appearance of the gravy or flavour?
I could not remember the taste vividly but i would like to emphasize on very special gravy which tasted a bit sour and spicy.
The chicken was well-grilled and of course, it was tender.
However, the spotlight is still on the gravy which was a perfect match for the chicken.

Speaking of the Black Pepper Grilled Chicken, the chicken was similar to the previous from the aspect of tenderness and the way it was grilled.
A completely different dark sauce or gravy partially bathed the chicken.
It was the black pepper or BBQ sauce, i am not sure.
Nothing special though.

The Crunchy Chicken Chop was crispy in the way sound is made while you are crunching it.
A total crispy layer enveloped the firm and solid chicken which was already deboned.
It came with a small bowl of unidentified sauce which blended very well with the crispy chicken.

Other than that, we were treated with several Dolly Fish dishes which also have the sidelines : mashed potato and coleslaw.
The crunchy, crispy ones came with their respective distinct sauces which i have tasted neither of them outside.
We were informed that the sauce were actually butter garlic and siam.
I felt that it was kind of odd to have the crispy fish consumed along with the sauce.
It should not be crispy, it should be grilled or baked.
With the thick crispy layer, it was hard to really get the fishy fish taste out from the fish.
Still, the sauces were spectacular and special.

The skinned Rosered Dolly Fish was better as all you see and all you eat is the flesh, not flour.
What worth to be mentioned is the succulent and fresh fish.
It went well with the unknown sauce which i have not tried before in other restaurants.

Last but not least, all eyes were on this giant-sized exclusive dessert.
Small scoops of vanilla ice-cream were offered to everyone before the ladies presented this dark-coloured 'cake'.
Guess what? It possesses an arrogant name, The Miracle of Angels and Demons.
The size of this cake was modified in order to supply the needs, there were around 20 bloggers in the house.
For your acknowledgement, the regular size is like a quarter of this gigantic chocolate lava cake.
Upon 'stabbing' it, warm dark chocolate flowed out of nowhere and eventually bathed the cake.
The dark chocolate was thick and not sweet.
Trust me, the combination of the liquid chocolate and vanilla ice-cream will definitely get your taste buds tangled.

It appears that the owners have traveled around the world and have been collecting all sorts of recipe.
That is why everything we have tried today was extremely unique and such taste is hard to be found outside.
If you want a customised dish or menu for marriage proposal or any other event, you could always enquire Janice and Ean who are romatic.
With accordance to a customer who brought her Japanese friend here, she claims that apart from food, the super satisfying factor was the owners' passion for preparing their food and the gorgeous smile on their faces.
So, what are you waiting for?
At last, a big thank you to the ladies and Qyzzy crew for such delightful and prosperous fine dining.

Address :
No 97, Lorong Selamat, 10400 Penang
[google map]

Operation Hours :
12.00pm - 3pm , 6pm - 9pm, Closed on Wednesdays

Contact no. :

04 - 2297961

[click here]


Erm... Burnt croutons? Putting the taste aside, it's definitely carcinogenic.

oh, i did not know that. i only had a few of it. =)

u damn fast la.....i still pending lot of review (>_<)

This review is quite long, took me a day to settle.
Aiyo, ate for free ady, priority ma!

do they have any pro,otion during lunch hour?

My self do visit Detitle Dinning Cabin for finding the good food there. :)

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