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Sunday, June 19, 2011

PappaRich @ Straits Quay, Penang.

PappaRich is a franchised Hainanese kopitiam-styled cafe which was initially established in 2005.
Until this day, PappaRich has a total of 50 outlets across the nation and is still showing sign of expanding.
The cafe concept is quite similar with Old Town Cafe, both serve a multitude of local delicacies, beverages and toast bread.
However, if i am to choose between these two, my vote will go to PappaRich.
With a strong curiosity, i surfed through the web and found out that Pappa actually refers to someone whom you can easily relate to and remember whilst being close to your heart.
This review is made based on two visits in the same month.

I love the interior as it is simple, warm and contains the traditional kopitiam feel.
Do take note that there is also an outdoor dining area where you could intoxicate yourself on the scenery of Straits Quay's marina bay.
Old school bread toaster which uses charcoal is exposed to the public and so do the beverage blending station.

Surprisingly, the feature of wireless service bell button is available here.
Still, it took the service crew 10 minutes to hand me the menu.
Despite that, our food was served in a very timely fashion.
A vast array of food, toast, beverages and desserts is displayed in the menu.

My other half went for Hot White Coffee (RM3.80) which turned out to be spectacular.
A thick layer of bubbles floated to the surface of the coffee and it indicates that the coffee was very well-blended.
It was thick, rich and full of aroma.
We both fell in love with it!

The Hot Pappa Cham (RM3.20) was less impressive if compared to the white coffee but it was still a cup of good coffee.
It was less sweet than white coffee and it gave out a stronger coffee taste.

The Dry Curry Mee (RM9.90) was unique and don't judge its taste by its name.
It tasted like the dried version of local Curry Mee plus Laksa, with the right amount spiciness.
The gravy was concentrated and was absorbed by the noodles efficiently.
Overall, it was worth a try subtracting its overpricing value.

After a brief view through the menu, i have chosen the Chicken Rice with Bean Sprout (RM10.90) as it looks promising and it was a pretty good bet.
The rice was super aromatic in a way which could not be easily found outside.
Speaking of the steamed tender chicken, the gravy was awesome with a little twist between sweet and sour which coped well with the rice.
Besides, bean sprouts were being immersed in the same gravy and the combination was a nice one.
A tiny bowl of 'unspicified' Hokkien Mee soup was provided.
I highly recommend this!

They claims that their Nasi Lemak (RM9.90) is one of their top dishes.
We tried our luck and it resulted in satisfaction.
Again, the 'fatty rice' was full of pandan aroma and of course, yummy!
The curry chicken breast was solid while the ikan bilis was extremely salty, they are supposed to be like this, aren't they?
Now, i know clearly how it made its way into their list of recommendations.

Next, it was the Curry Laksa (RM10.90) which is also among the list.
Taste wise, it was completely different from our local Penang Laksa.
It was more concentrated, spicy and less sour.
The orange yellow soup was really thick and was bathing a generous amount of chicken, cockles and Foo Chok.
Seriously, i have not tried Foo Chok which is commonly found in Tong Sui in noodle soup before.
It tasted sour accompanied by a beancurd-like soft texture.

'Eee? Only normal Bangkali Roti is used?' we first thought.
Well, make sure you don't underestimate these two thick pieces of bread.
The bread was so compact until we were too full after eating them.
Honestly, i prefer to have the bread with our white coffee instead of the butter and kaya.

Last but not least, it was the Naan with Curry Sauce (RM4.50).
The Naan was different from ordinary ones because it was crispy, followed by a rich butter, garlic aroma.
It tasted salty alone and the curry sauce went very well with the Naan.
My other half even quoted that the Naan tasted alike bread sticks from Pizza Hut.

3A-G21, Block A, Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
10470 Penang.

Contact no.:
04 - 8903282

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Of course no la!
I stated there ady, this review is made based on two visit. =)

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\outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Bad service !!!!!!!!! They just keep playing their phones and neglected our call even we made it for few times .... Service sucks !!!!! Are we paying service charge for free ?????? At least 4 of them playing their phones and never check our order, that time they had served everything except one more which was Char Koay Teow, our purpose for visit this restaurant is try their Char Koay Teow but none in the end, we tried to remind them for the first time and they told us that they were preparing the food already, after 20 minutes we had finished all our meals and they still haven't serve the last one, then we reminded them again and found out that they haven't prepare yet ?? aww we missed our Char Koay Teow ...

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