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Monday, June 27, 2011

Invited: Arabian Night @ Sigi's Bar & Grill On The Beach, Penang.

Sigi's Bar & Grill not only provides an excellent view of Batu Ferringhi golden beach and blue sea, but also serves a wide spectrum of international delicacies.
For your information, Sigi's Bar & Grill organized its very first Arabian-themed beach party which turned out to be a successful one last year and they decided to make it an annual tradition following positive public reactions to that event.
With the help of Criz and a stroke of luck, i was officially invited to the Arabian Night Beach Party which was held on 25 June 2011.
That means i was entitled to Arabian buffet, bottomless wine, beer and entertaining programs without paying any cent, the original price is RM158++.

The venue was filled with Arabic tents scattered around the beach and the service crew was even dressed up in head-turning costumes which fit the theme of the night perfectly.
Out of my expectation, most of those attended the party were foreigners from all around the world especially UK and Australia.
We, invited ones were given a private room while the others were seated at outdoor banquet tables or low tables.

The sky was getting darker and with such low light condition, my camera was incapable of performing as usual.
Hence, please excuse my awful photography skills.
As you can see, an extensive collection of exotic food, ranging from appetizers to desserts was being displayed at various corners.

I kicked off with the soup of the night, the Lentil Soup which was made with a big portion of vegetables.
Seriously, it was like the thick version of local Indian Dhal Curry but the taste was more intense.
Besides that, a list of salad was made available there.
Dinner rolls.

Lentil Soup.

Iceberg Salad.

Panzenella Salad.

Moving on, a multitude of Mezze was offered.
Mezze simply means a selection of small dishes served in the Mediterranean and Middle East as dinner or lunch, with or without drinks.
Hummus which is basically a dip, condiment is a popular food in Middle East region and is made with mashed chickpeas along with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.
It gave out a strong, sharp taste and it formed a wonderful couple with the deepfried chickpea patty, Falafel.


Since the Stuffed Vine Leaves, also known as Dolma or Grape Leaves were served cold, that indicates that they were meatless.
The combination of materials such as garlic, onions, carrot and bulgur produced an extremely sour taste.

Well, the SBG (Sigi's Bar & Grill) Sovlaki Pizza got nothing special, nothing worth to be mentioned.

The Pita Bread was awesome in a way that it went well with both Baba Ghanoush and Chicken Shawerma.
Pita Breads.

Chicken Shawerma.

I personally felt that the Spit Roasted Lamb was the odd one out that night.

The deliciousness of the Seafood Kebab and Grilled Morrocan Prawns left the guests craving for more and in the end, the chef had to keep himself busy by fulfilling the high demand.

At the corridor linking the entrance to the beach, a vast array of sinful desserts were being displayed.
They were Baklava, Muhalabia, Bassboussa, Rosewater Creme Brulee, Warm Apple Crumble Vanilla Anglaise, Chocolate Brownie, Mini Fruit Tartlets, Baked Cheesecake, Lemon Delicious and Cream Caramel.

Other than Middle Eastern delicacies, the band as well as fire jugglers presented the best of them to the guests.

Among all the performances, the snake show which stunned every audience was the best.
The snake charmer showed an excellent technique to control the king cobra.
He eventually bowed down to the cobra, kissed it and his next act was very horrifying.
Guess what? He squeezed the head of the cobra and stuffed it into his mouth!

Last but not least, i intoxicated myself with the beautiful, flawless body movement of this young, gorgeous lady.
She was dancing with a pair of butterfly wings, swinging here and there before she got them stripped off.
Exposing her belly to the public, she started to perform belly dancing and she was shaking every part of her curves like an outboard motor.
According to the lady, she started to dance when she was four.

Level 1, Ground Floor (Beachfront),
Golden Sands Resort, Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang.

Operation hours:
11am - 6pm , 6.30pm - 10.30pm

Contact no.:
04 - 8861852

[click here]


Not bad though~ It takes lots of efforts and training to be skillful. Practice makes perfect! Let's hope you get more opportunities but not as tough as this one in the near future~:)

I will continue to improve!
That night, we stacked up our food on our plate and that's why i can't differentiate which is which, how each food tasted.
Thanks, Criz! =)

hmm....seems you still not manage well on ur night shot yet....try to use material jz around u like tissue while you snap shot with camera self flash in order to softern the light n look natural....this is my idea la...
cos i also no money to buy additional flash so no choice lo....
i still learning too, let's learn together....

That's why you need to observe what you take, what you put on your plate and remember the taste, layout etc. I'll advise you to bring a long a little booklet to record down your experiences until you are used to remember everything mentally. :)

Thanks for the advices, Jazz & Criz.
I just started to flog approximately 4 months ago, still have a lot to learn from u two.
Jazz, honestly, i like to makan, but i don't like photography. =)

eh nice post lah ! haha 4 months and still counting? Well I thought you did an excellent job, and I must admit my photography skills are much worse than yours. :)

Dennis, you are such a humble guy. Don't forget to put more effort into reviews and don't let the sharing stop! =)

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