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Friday, October 28, 2011

Invited: The Pork-fect Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

I have always been a fan of Chicago Rib House, when i say that i mean way back before the launch of their new menu in which they raised the food prices and also i have previously reviewed this western restaurant twice, check it out (link here). Now, they are launching a brand new menu again and it was a sheer delight for me to be one of the bloggers who were invited to their "Porkfection" tasting session. My hair stiffened as a result of the rippling artificial spider web, bloody creepy "alien" heads hanging freely from the ceiling and others which altogether helped the restaurant to attain a spooky Halloween, no, "Horroween" atmosphere.

My jaw dropped when they distributed their new, creative, vibrant coloured newspaper-like menu which features a wide spectrum of delicacies ranging from Starter, Main Entrée to Dessert. No doubt, this is the best menu i have ever seen, simple, elegant and intriguing. Other than alcoholic cocktails, martinis, beers, wines and non-alcoholic mocktails, Chicago Rib House does offer a vast selection of Mojito, one of the most famous rum-based highballs and each Mojito is freshly prepared.

From left to right: Ocean Mojito, Banana Berry, Beach Fiesta, Pine Slussy, Mai Tai, Apple Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Peach Lynch.

The first starter was Cheese Nachos (RM17.90) in which a hearty blend of shredded chicken, chopped spring onions, fresh tomato cubes and layers of mixed cheese was toppled onto the golden crispy tortilla chips. Besides, the chips were served along with salsa and ranch dressing. Either of the dips formed a perfect union along with the chips, creating a flavoursome appetizer.

Next, we were presented with a plateful of Hot Buffalo Wings, Potato Skins and Pork Chili Corn Carne along with similar salsa and sour cream dips - it was the Trio Sampler (RM32.90). The Buffalo Wings made me put aside the thoughts of embarrassment and chomped them directly with my fingers in front of all the bloggers as well as restaurant patrons, well, i guess this is what we call finger-licking good! Potato skins wise, they were palatable with an enticing cheesy aroma.

Time for some tasty and healthy experience, one of their latest salad creations is the Oriental Wedge Salad (RM15.90), comprising of fresh Iceberg lettuce dressed in their special lime and peanut dressing, not forgetting the tomatoes and mandarin oranges which have been thrown in. The combination was an odd one but surprisingly, it turned up to be pretty mouth-watering.

Finally, we are talking about the mains. The Grilled Bourbon Chicken (RM27.90) was no small in portion with its two well-grilled deboned chicken breast. Taste wise, the tenderness of the meat coped really well with CRB's signature bourbon sauce and the half-melted mixed cheese, the sweet plus scorch flavours just exploded in my mouth, fantastic!

Well, is the 8oz Pork Tenderloin (RM32.90) consist of two grilled-to-porkfection pork tenderloin weighted approximately 224 grams (1 oz = 28.3495 g)? Who cares as long as it is ambrosial with the nectarous flavours coming out from the dry homemade apple cinnamon sauce coupling with the dense, springy pork texture. Thumbs up!

The fettuccine was cooked to an al dente texture before being mixed with bell peppers, red onions, minced pork and topped with parmesan cheese, it was the Southwestern Chili Pasta (RM22.90) which tasted positively extraordinary. The whole thing was meant to be dry and it left me yearning for more.

Here came one of the signature dishes of CRB - the BBQ Pork Ribs in Original Sauce (Half Rack RM32.90/ Full Rack RM53.90). The meaty areas were tender and off the bone easily. I know it may sound cliché but seriously, the ribs were simply awesome!

For your information, all eyes were on the BBQ Pork Ribs in Flaming Kansas City Sauce (Half Rack RM38.90/ Full Rack RM59.90) as one of the restaurant crew poured a shot of bourbon over the ribs and fired it up. The ribs were smouldering while the dreamy aroma singed my nose hairs before filling my lungs with flavours. Obviously, it was better than the BBQ Pork Ribs in Original Sauce in terms of marination, seasoning. Do you know that their ribs are slow-roasted in hickory wood to give them the amazing tenderness and unique flavours that have made them world-famous? Now you do. Their succulent and meaty pork ribs which are served with your choice of two side dishes are undoubtedly "s-pork-tacular"! Recommended.

Last but not least, a large scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream coupled with a small, dense moist chocolate cake to form the Brownie Royale (RM12.90). You could feel and taste the soft, damp rich chocolate cake texture as well as crunchy almond texture simultaneously. It is the perfect thing to end your meal.

Below i attached images of the scanned menu.

GP-170-G-43, Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Operation hours:
10AM to late evening daily

Contact no.:
04 - 2290763

Fax no.:
04 - 2290985

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