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Monday, August 1, 2011

Revisiting Delicious Cafe @ Straits Quay, Penang.

The opening of Penang's first ever Delicious Cafe at Straits Quay turns out to be amazingly successful with a stunningly rich supply of clients.
You see, large crowds and long waiting list are normal, even on weekdays.
In this particular review, i am squeezing in my past three revisitings which all ended up happy and satisfied, click here for my previous review.
The pleasant dining experiences gave me the driving force to complete this review as fast as i could.

First, i will talk about the Spicy Seafood Spaghettini with Coriander (RM24.90) which came in a reasonable portion along with squids, shrimps and a wedge of lemon.
A strong olive oil aroma immediately rushed into my nose and with the acidic lemon juice as well as herbal coriander, the aroma was even better and more intense to my liking.
The very thin spaghetti with chili flakes sprinkled all over it was cooked to al dente and it was moderately spicy with strong hints of olive oil and seafood taste.
Besides the perfect combination formed, i must also emphasise on the freshness of the seafoods especially the squids which had a gummy and rubbery chewing gum-like texture.

If i am to recommend you something, the Classic Reuben with Pastrami, Sauerkraut and Melted Cheese (RM24.90) will definitely be my choice.
A reuben sandwich is a hot sandwich of layered meat, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese, with a dressing while pastrami is a popular delicatessen meat usually made from highly seasoned smoked steamed beef after being brined and partly dried.
As you can see, five/six wonderful smoked beef slices were aligned and then sandwiched between fine toasties which had deposits of melted cheese and sauerkraut beneath them before being served along with garden salad.
The warm scent of cheese plus the tender smoked corned beef was in my nose all the time and every bite left me longing for more.
With saltiness from the freaking delicious beef, distinctive sour flavour from the sauerkraut and tanginess from the cheese, the reuben was like an awesome piece of heaven, fantastic!

Next, it was the Seriously DELIcious Cheeseburger served with Shoestring Fries (RM24.90).
Kind of an arrogant name for an ordinary burger dish, don't you think?
It was highly recommended by the restaurant staff and to find out whether it is that delicious, i got myself one.
The round and puffed burger bun which was aromatic with a big sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds looked small when it held an extremely huge, thick piece of tender, juicy cheese covered ground beef patty and toppings such as sauerkraut and lettuce.
For your information, the tall cheeseburger was served along with some fries, garden salad and an unknown red sauce which tasted like Bolognese sauce.
The combination was awesome and it undoubtedly lives up to its name.

Last but not least, i am going to introduce you the Classic Beef Lasagne (RM19.90) which also included a bowl of garden salad.
The layering of lasagna, minced beef and cheese was very well accomplished as the whole thing turned out to be firm and compact, unlike the one i had at Mizi Bistro.
A thick layer of oven-baked cheese enveloped the lasagne while a thick red Bolognese sauce was poured onto it.
To be honest, the sweet Bolognese sauce had nothing special but the lasagna was perfectly cooked to a soft, firm, smooth texture and the amount of beef given was pretty generous.
The flavours just exploded in my mouth and i savoured them mouthful by mouthful, nice!

Alright, it is time for some desserts.
I found the Tiramisu in a Glass (RM12.90) rather disappointing, not to say bad but it could absolutely be way better.
The sponge cake was overly soft until it had a exact creamy-like texture and the coffee flavour was pretty mild as the wine flavour was over powering in which i did not adore that although the cocoa powder and chocolate chips went very well with the whole thing.
If these issues are fixed, here born a tiramisu masterpiece.

From my observation, Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream (RM11.90) is one of the restaurant's best selling desserts.
The Brownie had a light crisp on the outside and was dense, moist on the inside but not that chocolately, not that chewy with the availability of chopped walnuts inside the cake.
Speaking of the big scoop of white vanilla ice cream, it was smooth, rich and most importantly, cold enough.
I was like in heaven when i was having a spoonful of Brownie with some ice cream and warm, thick chocolate sauce.
Damn, i want one right now!

Every extra penny truly deserves its value.
If you are looking for a place which serves good food as well as has a calm, exquisite ambiance, DELIcious Cafe is the ideal choice.
No doubt, I see the it as one of the best restaurants in Penang till date.

Address :
3C-G-3 & 3A, Ground Floor, Straits Quay.

Operation hours :
10 am to 12 am [weekdays]
9 am to 12 am [weekends & public holidays]

Contact no. :
04 - 8998555

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