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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights @ Abu Siti Lane, Penang.

Here is the question: Have you ever heard of White Curry Mee?
Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights gained its reputation for its very unique White Curry Mee.
Just because of this specialty, the owner of Hot Bowl not only appeared in numerous local newspapers but was also featured in 8TV Ho Chak programme.
'No pain no gain', Hot Bowl began as a pushcart business at Rangoon Road before moving into a comfortable air conditioned multifans-equipped shoplot which is situated almost at end of the Abu Siti Lane.
Abu Siti Lane is a one-way road located just next to Red Rock Hotel, Macalister Road.
Their lipstick red signboard can be seen from far away and the parking spaces there are quite limited.

I have never eaten Curry Mee in a cool air conditioned surrounding in my life before and i broke the record today.
Other than their signature White Curry Mee and steamed chicken, they do also sell Vinegar Prok Trotter (RM8.00 onwards), Fish Head Curry (RM20.00 onwards), Spice Dumplings (RM4.50), Special Dumplings (RM0.80), Spice Loh Bank (RM1.80), Otak-otak (RM2.40), Yam Cake (RM2.00), Chai Kuih (RM2 for 3 pieces) as well as assorted fritters and pastries (RM0.60 each).
Besides, homemade spicy paste and cooking ingredients such as light soy sauce are being exhibited for sale.
The open kitchen enabled me to spectate the process of cooking White Curry Mee, but what's more i got to snap and share it with my dear readers.

The homemade Organic Soya Bean (RM1.60) was alright but not the so-called homemade Winter Melon (RM1.40) which was overly sweet until i have to dilute it with some plain water.

Here comes the major character of the day, the famous White Curry Mee (RM3.50 small / RM4.50 big) which appeared and tasted completely just like ordinary Curry Mee subtracting chili.
You know what? I used to have Curry Mee this way when i was young, when i can't tolerate spicy food.
The white soup was full of thick coconut milk aroma and it tasted pretty sweet as it was based on chicken soup.
Besides that, you could add in chili paste which is made from dried shrimps, dried chili, tumeric and ten other spices as much as you want for your desired spiciness but do take note that the chili paste is pretty spicy.
The White Curry Mee will then lose its white apperance and will now look exactly like normal Penang local red hot Curry Mee.
In my case, after adding the chili, the Curry Mee was simply awesome.
You can also go for add ons like prawns (RM2.00) and crab sticks, fish balls, meat balls (RM1.00).
It was overpriced as you can see in the picture below, no prawn was given in my RM3.50 bowl of White Curry Mee.
After all, i still prefer Sungai Pinang Curry Mee.

Apart from White Curry Mee, Hot Bowl is also popular for its Deboned Steamed Chicken (RM5 small / 9 medium / 16 half-chicken).
The smooth tender flavoursome chicken was topped with spring onions and coriander as well as being bathed with sesame oil plus soy sauce.
I saw the staff sending a few steamed whole chickens into the fridge, i guess it was to ensure that the chicken remains smooth and tender.
The gravy was too salty even i ordered a plate of rice to go with the gravy.
Still, the spotlight was on the chicken.

The prices stated above are nett prices.

16-A, Lorong Abu Siti,
10400 Penang.
[google map]

Operation hours:
8am - 3pm, Closed on Mondays

Contact no.:
04 - 2273168


wa!!! good good good! i got another new restaurant to visit :)

To Michelle: Stop spamming my blog!! =p

To applefish: you should try out the steamed chicken. the curry mee is totally like outside normal ones.

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