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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Strawberry Forever @ Sungai Pinang, Penang.

Strawberry Forever is actually a strawberry-themed dessert cafe which is based in Hong Kong but has now extended their business by opening their 3rd outlet at Penang's shoreline, one of the new Promenade 28 double storey shoplots, just right next to Burger King.
Although it is named as a dessert cafe, it does offer snacks, healthy salads as well as Japanese fusion main courses.
Negative reviews and rumours highlighting the extremely not-living-up-to-the-price food got me doubtful for a visit until My Deal launched a deal in which i am entitled to a Rice in Hotpot along with a Healthy Juice and an option to get 50% off Strawberry Napoleon with only RM12.90 instead of RM26.18.
The cafe is cozy with a direct view of the pure blue sea and lively furniture such as 'strawberry' side chairs plus red-and-white-striped TGIF Friday's-like booths.
I have no idea why they are blocking the stairway to the upper level which serves as a venue for functions, parties etc.

Here i attach their scanned menu, click for larger view.

Other than that, the extensive collection of adorable soft toys exhibited is not only for decorating purpose, but also to boost their business.
You can carry one of them home with only RM30 if you spend more than RM50.
As you can see, some cakes and chocolate-covered strawberries are being displayed inside the showcase.
There are even pretty cake boxes of different sizes to accommodate your desserts perfectly.

I have eventually tried out two of their six healthy juices offered as i brought my other half along with me and they were Strawberry & Apple (RM7.90) which is their recommendation and Kiwi & Grapefruit (RM7.90).
The red Strawberry & Apple juice turned out to be spectacular with a simultaneous flick between sour strawberry taste and sweet apple taste.
I wonder why, it also had a Chinese herbal aftertaste.
Regarding the Kiwi & Grapefruit juice, one of the squashed fruits must be denser or heavier as a light green colour sank to the bottom after some time.
Honestly, i could not stand the strong tangy bitter taste which was accompanied by a scrubby banana seeds texture.

Every Rice in Hotpot is served with fried egg, Kimchi, a bowl of soup and there is a total of three choices of ingredients for you to choose from, they are Assorted Roasted Vegetables & Mushrooms (RM11.90), Teriyaki Seafood (RM15.90) and Teriyaki Chicken Steak & Prawns (RM15.90).
My other half went for the Teriyaki seafood which includes a mussel, fish fillets, shrimps and squid rings snowed in sweet dark garlicy Teriyaki sauce.
Taste wise, it was way out of my expectation, the sauce formed a perfect union with the seafoods and hot white rice, creating a palatable dish.
In my case, i opted for Teriyaki Chicken Steak & Prawns which came with a few Teriyaki chicken strips and two Tempura fried shrimps but they seemed to forget to put sauce or gravy on my thing.
It was way too dry until i requested for extra gravy which tasted like sweetened dark soy sauce.
The seafood one was obviously and sensationally better.

Last but not least, the Strawberry Napoleon (RM10.90) tasted as good as it looked.
The sandwiching of thin puff pastries between sliced sour strawberries and vice versa together with vanilla mousse produced a stunning lip-smacking dessert.
Besides, the aromatic pastries had an awesome crispiness that went pretty well with the mousse which had a heavy milk taste.
It is worth a try but definitely not worth the price.

Only 10% service tax is imposed and the rating below is based on the deal price, not the original price.

Unit No.26, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, Promenade 28,
11600 Penang.
[google map]

Operation hours:
11am - 11pm daily

Contact no.:
012 - 4058151 / 04 - 659 1059

[click here]

[click here]


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