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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chicago Rib House 1st Anniv Promo @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

For your information, Chicago Rib House was originally located at Autocity for a year plus before eventually moving to Gurney Plaza.
Time flies and now, they are celebrating its one year old birthday by offering 50% off two of the restaurant's signature dishes, Carlsberg beer as well as imported Hoegaarden beer.
However, this awesome promotion is only valid from 11 to 15 May 2011.
Grab yours now!

To ease my worries over seat availability, i called and made a reservation a night before.
However, when i was there, i was told that they can't locate my name and phone number in the list of reservations.
Excuse me? The miss even repeated my name and number correctly while we were on the phone.
The poor thing was that i forgotten to request for her name.
Out of my expectation, the receptionists sounded like i never made any reservation but pretending like i did.
Later, they decided to give me an outdoor table.
As the weather was extremely warm and i hate people staring at me while i am eating, i attempted to give up and seek for another restaurant.
In addition, i have requested for an indoor table when placing my so-called 'reservation' and the girl said no problem.
While i was leaving, one of them 'apologized' by saying 'i am sorry, WE ARE TOO BUSY'.
I got really fed up and after some arguments, i was finally seated inside the restaurant.
Surprisingly, the tables inside were set up but there was plenty of empty space which could approximately accommodate at least two more tables.

The outdoor dining area which is exposed to the public.

The classy interior.

A brief history of Chicago Rib House.

Other than the four kinds of basic condiments, you could always demand for Tabasco sauce.
Oh ya, drinking water is free of charge.
From now onwards, the service was okay.

Their famous St Louis Pork Ribs and Grilled Blackened Catch which have price tags of RM30.90 and RM18.90 respectively were on half-price.
I have previously tried the ribs and i am not fond of it.
Hence, i went for the grilled fish and so did my other half.
Apart from the price, the only difference between non-promotional and promotional Grilled Blackened Catch is that you are to choose two sidelines from the list of options.
For promotional ones, the two sidelines are fixed and they are Coleslaw and French Fries.
With a waiting time of 10 minutes, our food was served hot.
I, who is not a salad person got no comment for the salad.
The addictive Fries were potatoish / potatoey, just like those you could find at Nando's.
I believe that the Fries were homemade ones cause potato skin were still deposited on the bodies.
The fish may not look good but trust me, you are gonna be amazed with your very first bite.
Judging from its appearance, it was dry but actually it wasn't.
Seriously, it looked like a tarred fish fillet due to the black unknown seasoning or sauce.
The flesh was succulent, smooth, firm and saturated with the taste of the seasoning which diffused itself into the flesh in the grilling process.
All i could say is that the fish tasted a bit like black pepper with the perfect amount of saltiness.
I have never tasted such extraordinary thing in my life before i stepped into Chicago Rib House and this fish was ordered during all my previous visits.
The best part was the edge on the fish which was super crispy.
Two thumbs up for the Grilled Blackened Catch!

A comparison between promotional and non-promotional one which was taken exactly a month ago.

The reasonably priced Brownie (RM6.90) is one of my all-time favourites.
Beneath the large scoop of vanilla ice cream was the rectangular dense and rich chocolate cake.
The texture of the Brownie was like a cross between cake and cookie.
In other words, you could feel the soft and crunchy texture simultaneously.
The Brownie was so hot until the ice cream melted in no time.
Furthermore, some of the chocolate inside the cake was still in liquid state.
No doubt, the combination of cold ice cream and warm chocolate cake will get your taste buds tingled.

The meal was fantastic but the reservation problem made the experience a not-so-pleasant one.
Despite the unpleasant encounter, i am sure that i will revisit the restaurant.
The quality of the food served is simply top class.
Click the poster below for more info regarding the short term promotion.

Address :
Ground Floor, Gurney Plaza (on same row with Starbucks).

Operation hours :
11 AM to 11 PM

Contact no. :
604 - 2290763

Fax no. :
604 - 2290985


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