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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Grill Catch @ Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Well, seriously, i have never seen Manhattan Fish Market launch a promotion before.
I was quite astonished when i saw posters, rumours in facebook indicating that they are offering their Fish N' Chips for only RM6.99 on April Fool's Day.
After enquiring their admin, it was confirmed that the promotion does exist and it is not a prank.
My other half and i took this opportunity to pay Manhattan Fish Market a visit.

Wow, the queue area was crowded and there were MFM staffs keeping an eye on the long queue, just to make sure that no one jumps the queue.
The time was now 1.30 PM and luckily, we only needed 5 minutes wait time to get ourselves a table.

We have read through the menu and decided to get a appetizer for sharing besides the Fish N' Chips.
The service there was top class.
Our items were being served within minutes and our every request was fulfilled such as extra Tartar sauce etc.
Besides, butter knifes were given instead of regular dining knife.
However, the knifes were powerful enough to tear the fish fillet apart.

Here came our mini cup of Espresso (RM3.90).
I have got no comment on this cup of coffee.

Surprisingly, our appetizer was only being served after our Fish N' Chips (RM6.99).
It appeared that the Fish N' Chips have already been cooked for some time as they were oily on the outer surface but they were still warm.
The golden fish fillet which was huge and crispy was served along with long and big French Fries.
With such good business, small polystyrene plates were used instead of woks.
Speaking of the fries, they were damn good, crispy on the outside, soft mashed potato on the inside
Furthermore, a tiny plastic cup of butter sauce was provided.
We were supposed to pour the sauce onto the fish fillet but we did not.
The funny thing is that my other half thought it was a free soup of the day from MFM.
But, it truly tasted like soup though.
The butter sauce was full of garlic aroma and was like a not-creamy version of mushroom soup.
Thumbs up for the sauce!
Speaking of the fish, the portion was huge and unfortunately, it was a bit oily.
The flesh which was enveloped by deep fried flour was thick.
It was normal good in term of taste but we really got bored after finishing only half of the fish.
The sourly and tangy Tartar sauce given served as a great add on.
I have seen some guys ordered an extra set and managed to finish it in misery.
You don't expect much from such bargain-priced food.
In conclusion, the temporary price tag made the Fish N' Chips super worth trying but the taste is not worth for standing there, waiting for an hour.
Let's make a comparison between promotional Fish N' Chips and nonpromotional Fish N' Chips albeit the picture was taken a year ago.

While we were enjoying our Fish N' Chips, our Quad Delights (RM15.90) was served.
My other half and i adored everything on this dish.
The freezing cold coleslaw was mixed with sweet raisins to create an out of ordinary taste of salad.
The salad dressing was evenly mixed and i could feel that it has diffused into the green vegetables.
In addition, the deep fried calamari was simply delectable.
Although the rings underwent deep frying process, but they were not crispy at all in order to conserve the chewy, springy texture and the very original taste of squid.
We have mistaken the fungi as scallops cause it tasted so much like seafood.
Actually, they were mini portabellos, a type of mushroom.
These deep fried mushrooms definitely worth a like.
Lastly, the crunchy shrimps were unforgettable.
The taste was alright but the highlight of the prawns was their freshness.
They were super fresh and solid until i could heard sounds while i was chowing them down.

MFM was just toying around while they were claiming that Fish N' Chips promotion is only valid for a day.
However, the promotion is back now!
The promotion is only valid for West Malaysia and dine in only from 4th to 8th of April.
I just came back from Gurney Plaza and i saw a smooth traffic in and out of the MFM there.
Apparently, not much people knows about the returning of the promotion.
Folks, grab it and share it!


actually i dont like their dory more will feel 腻...

yeah, the portion was quite big also, can be shared among two. =]

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