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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt @ Bayan Bay, Penang.

Frozen yogurt or more commonly known as Froyo is just normal yogurt that has been frozen to an ice cream similar consistency.
It is much more healthier than ice cream as it is made with yogurt rather than cream and it is richer in mineral and nutrients.
However, normally, great amounts of sugar are added and that explains why it is not as healthy as nonfrozen , regular one.
Sadly, you may find it challenging to seek for Froyo here.
If you are a Froyo person, you will know where to find it and the place is probably Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt.
The name' Tutti Frutti' just kept buzzing around my hear all the time.
Tutti Frutti succeed in carving its name in yogurt market when it stroke Penang island.

Now, Penangites don't have to travel all the way to Island Plaza for the Froyo.
Tutti Frutti has officially opened a new outlet at Bayan Bay, just opposite of Queensbay Mall or more precisely, it is opposite to HSBC bank and next to a gym.
The new outlet is spacious and very comforting.
With the red and white colour matching, it creates a warm and harmonic atmosphere.
It is certainly an ideal place to relax yourself or to have a gathering.

Facts regarding Froyo partially filled the empty white wall.
Besides, it appears that they only accept cash payments.

Tutti Frutti does have stores nation and world wide.
You better be cautious of the self serve frozen yogurt concept or else the total damage will be very fatal as the Froyo costs RM0.53 per gram.
There are three cups which have different colours and volumes to choose from.
Just pick a cup and you are ready to dispense whatever flavours you want and as much as you want.
The are eight selections of flavour for today and they are original yogurt, death by chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blue berrilicious, green apple, orange sorbet and pomegranate.
Moving on to the toppings bar.
There is a vast array of toppings of fruits, candies, cereal, cookies, marshmallow and blah blah blah.
You may get as many toppings as your heart desires but for your information, they charge you based on the weight of your cup of yogurt.
Furthermore, jimmies and syrups are another choices of add on.
But, my sixth sense told me that they might ruin my yogurt.

Let's take a look at my other half's creation.
Our yogurt was colourful as we were to try out more flavors.
We have mixed the blue berrilicious, original, green apple and pomegranate with a few elastic gummy bears on top of the mixture.
The blue berrilicious flavour was treacly and it tasted like artificial blueberry flavouring rather than natural blueberry.
Speaking of the original flavour, yes, it was sour and of course toothsome.
But, with a price tag of RM0.53 per gram, i would prefer more reasonably priced JCo yogurt which tastes like the Tutti Frutti original flavour.
The green apple flavour was quite special, it gave out chalky mouthfeel results with a grainy texture.
It was flavourful and i could feel the simultaneous sweet and sour taste.
Overall, it was pretty pleasant-tasting.
Last but not least, i highly recommend the pomegranate flavour.
Seriously, i have never encountered pomegranate ice cream or yogurt.
It was super silky, smooth, thick, rich and tart.
It was nectarous, accompanied by a little bit sour taste.
No doubt, it was beyond reproach and it was top of the line.
However, the gummy bears were not how they supposed to be.
They were totally not chewy and not gummy but they were hard.

This small cup of yogurt cost us RM11.65 (0.22kg) but with the voucher won from a Foodtok event, we managed to get first 100gram (RM5) for free.
The only dissatisfactory was that the service crew were puzzled when i was presenting the voucher.
They did not even know what is the voucher all about.
Luckily, they solved the issue within five minutes or else i would be enjoying yogurt drink.
Please don't hesitate to participate in the event, you stand a chance to win the voucher without doing anything except placing a comment.
Besides, the outlet is having a happy hour promotion.
You get to enjoy a 20% off every Monday to Thursday, 12 to 3 PM.
However, this promotion is only valid until the end of April.
So, make sure you grab your yogurt fast!

Operation Hours : 12.00PM to 12.00AM (Weekdays) | 11.00AM to 12.00AM (Weekends)

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