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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Revisiting Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay, Penang.

Kindly hit here for the my first Charlie Brown Cafe Penang review.
It has been exactly two weeks after the soft opening of the one and only Charlie Brown Cafe in Malaysia and also Penang.
Little known fact : it was not a smooth one.
On the night of the debut day, comments flooded their wall and negative feedbacks were received by them.
I was there during the soft opening, along with my bunch of pals.
However, right after the night, the cafe management even posted an apology letter twice and insisted that they will continue to improve.
Honestly, i have faith in them and i believe that they are ready, willing and able to level themselves.
That consequences in my revisiting yesterday together with my other half and the production of this review.

The crowd at the cafe was multiple of that during the soft opening.
No doubt, the air conditioning system was fixed or improved as the place was not as hot as when my previous visit.
The menu boards originally suspended from the ceiling were removed.
Apparently, the menu has been updated with more choices of food such as desserts and more main courses.
For your information, the variety of cakes and desserts displaced in the showcase was completely different from that in my last visit.
I spotted their newly launched menu while i was placing my order.
My attempt to snap their new menu was stopped by the cashier, followed by her inaudible explanations.
With accordance to a friend who knows the boss of the cafe, it is believed that photoing of the new menu is prohibited as the menu is not fully ready yet.
Problems arise if the recent one flows in the Internet and if there is something wrong in the menu.
And, i have just been told by the cafe management that every single graphic design needs permission from their principal, Peanuts.
Forget that, we took my number and found ourselves a comfortable spot where i could get my lappy charged.
You know what? It was a tragedy to study Moral theory in such wonderful surrounding.

In my previous visit, i went for a slice of cake and a frappa which does not live up to its price.
So, i have selected the snack food, Woodstock Nuggets with Ham (RM9.80).
From the bottom of my heart, i felt the snack was a little bit overpriced.
Guess what? There were only 6 pieces of supermarket quality chicken nuggets.
There were a few rectangular slices of ham on top of the nuggets with some baked cheese and carrot strips blanketing them.
What can i say? Nuggets will never be yucky.
Besides, the combination of the cheese with the golden nuggets was a good shot.
I suggest that they could double the cheese, double the taste.
The ham slices tasted plain.
And, still, i failed in looking for a Charlie Brown face or even a label on the bowl and plate.

That particular friend of mine highly recommend the Crepe with Ice Cream (RM10.80)to the public as well as me.
I took a bet by trying that dessert out.
Within my expectation, the Crepe was served on a ceramic plain white plate.
A crepe is actually a type of very thin pancake, usually made from wheat flour, like a piece of Ban Chang Kuih which is full of egg.
I obtained information regarding crepe from Google and it appears that crepe should be crispy but mine was not crispy at all.
Who cares? Let's move our scope to the taste.
The thin layer of pancake enveloped my scoop of vanilla ice cream.
According to the cashier, crepe only goes well with vanilla flavoured ice cream.
Warm on the outside, cold on the inside.
Such contrast created a very pleasant, dulcet taste.
Furthermore, the ice cream was pretty smooth and rich.
The flower shaped marshmallows coped with the ice cream nicely.
Sadly, i dislike the nutmeg added to this dessert.
It completely ruined the dish as i could sense the simultaneous spicy taste accompanying my so-called pleasant taste.
Nevertheless, it is dependable on the unique taste of different individual.
To me, nutmeg is like a milder form of cinnamon.
In my friend's case, he said that the fusion is perfect.

In conclusion, bulk up your wallet if you are to hang out at this cafe.
I have been observing people while i was queueing and i have discovered that the cafe only accepts cash payment for now.
Obviously, the food quality and service efficiency have been developed as promised.
Even so, i found it dicey to have their costly beverages.
Do leave me a message if you have tried their drinks out recently.

Official Website : Click here!
Operation hours :
Lot no. : 3A-1-17 & 18


Celebrated friend's birthday here in mid of April.
The crepe we ordered is so-so only (I dont like the nutmeg as well), the pizza is ok (but not cheesy enough), but the drinks doesnt taste nice (RM 10 for pink guava) & is definitely not worth the price at all.
When we asked the staff at the counter whether can we borrow the lighter or matches (to lit up the candles on the cake), she just replied in a very unpleasant & impolite way by stating None of them are smokers, so NO.
And u know what? We managed to borrow the lighter from one of their male staff there.

Conclusion: Settings/ ambience = excellent; food/ drinks/ service = poor.

This was my second visit.
I did write about my first visit which fell on the soft opening of the cafe.
From what i have encountered in my first experience (probably the drinks which was not living up to its high price), i dare not try the drinks in my second visit.
Pity of you.
During my 2nd visit, the service was okay.

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