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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sushi Feasta at Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

For your information, Sushi King is currently holding their annual member RM2 bonanza as well as Sakae Sushi.
Sakae Sushi has launched their Red Fiesta Week, they are offering a free red plate sushi for each red plate sushi that you have purchased.
However, this promotion is only valid until 29th April.
Here arises the controversial question, is it safe to consume Japanese food?
In my opinion, if your time is up, you would even be drowned dead when you wash your face.

My other half and i were originally seated at a small table and of course, we demanded for a bigger one.
My demand was fulfilled in no time although it was approaching lunch time.
The first thing i did after obtaining a more comfortable spot was aiming at the sushi-go-round.
I saw quite a number of red plate sushi flowing around as i was there early.
With no hesitation, i grabbed the green wasabi and made some of it mine.
Having sushi without the accompany of wasabi? You have got to be kidding me.
Speaking of the service, the manager there was indeed very friendly and helpful.

My other half and i consumed a total of 6 red plates sushis, each couple of them cost us RM5.99.
Initially, the sushi quality was awesome.
But, when it was approaching lunch time, i found the sushi rice was not compact at all and not shaped properly.
According to the service crew, there were many customers who placed their full-of-promotional-sushis order at a time.
Hence, that not only delayed the sushi serving time but also affected the sushi quality.
You don't expect me to recall the tastes of all the 6 kinds of sushi, do you?

Unfortunately, those sushis did not satisfy my appetite.
I have got myself a Curry Katsu Don (RM12.90).
If i am not mistaken, the menu has been updated and the prices have been raised.
My rice and chicken fillets were partially immersed in thick and starchy Japanese curry sauce.
The curry was not spicy at all but it was sweet.
It contained the flavour of generic curry powder which is pretty challenging to find it here.
With reference to the pictures below, the solid deep fried chicken fillets were enclosing my mountain of rice.
Besides, a few sweet potato cubes were aligned next to the fillets.

Well, my other half's choice was the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen.
Honestly, we were both stunned as the thing looked so pale and dull.
My doubts were immediately gone when i took my first try.
It would be hard for me to express the deliciousness of this Ramen.
What could i say? Erm, i felt nostalgic, for serious.
It tasted like something i had regularly during my childhood but i could not remember what was the food.
The insipid soup tasted like clear soup but it was way sweeter.
More than that, there were a few pieces of chicken fillet which were tender despite being soup soaked.
I wonder why they named it Teriyaki Chicken Ramen as i could not sense any Teriyaki element either from the soup or the chicken.

Overall, i had a super satisfying meal, neglecting the total damage to my wallet.
Nevertheless, the damage was considered lesser compared to when non-promotional period.
There is also a great saver which you could enjoy along with the sushi one.
With every spend of RM50 (excluding taxes), you will be offered a RM10 cash voucher and for Citibank cardholders, additional RM5 cash voucher will be rewarded.
Folks, grab your free sushis before they are gone, one more day to go!
Click on the posters below for more info!


since when u starting to have a zombie as ur blog mascot, haha....
my mascot is 2 teddy bear, nyek nyek....
i bring my mascot as well last Sat...

Haha, i din bring the zombie purposely one.
I bought the plush for Michelle yesterday then we snapped photos when we have nothing to do.

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